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Leading international psychologists are fervently contesting the assumption that the success of e-learning is connected with the way their teachers deliberately or inadvertently socialize with them. While the first group of scholars is firmly convinced that the geographical factor is not important, their modern-oriented colleagues are fervently advocating the idea that the location of teacher can be a crucial factor under specific circumstances. Having reviewed the comparative research on the way students from Illinois and Colorado are trained by their teachers, it was ultimately found out that the aptness of students to reach the heights in training is integrally connected with the distal masterful communication style (employed by the majority of Illinois teachers, whilst the proximal one is mainly used in Colorado educational institutions).

The article is primarily focused on the comparison and contrast between the development of youth in Illinois and Colorado. The targeted age groups are the students who are 18-20 years old. The aim of the study, conducted by American researchers, was to ascertain whether differences in the applied teacher intercourse approaches affected the scientific development of students.

The study was concentrated on the way the interaction between teachers and students was practiced. After studying the problem, it was finally found out that the teaching style was different among teachers from different states.


Having conducted a thorough comparative study, the findings of researchers clearly indicate that the student’s success is in direct causation with teaching style. To be more exact, students subjected to the converging style of teaching are more apt to assimilate information than students who are trained under the principles of diverging style.

In general, it can be recapitulated that the content of the reviewed article completely meets the objective of the title; the report provides the target audience with a detailed overview of the declared topic; the application of arguments and ideas has been done coherently and consecutively; and the summary of the article is consistent with its content.

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