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Through empirical research, this article focuses on interpersonal communication technologies and the way new contemporary communication technologies have affected person communication. It also investigates the patterns of interpersonal communication technologies and their social use in today’s media environment, which gets complex by the day. The article therefore sets to answer various research questions, such as what kind of strategies are used by various groups and what kind of social uses there are regarding interpersonal communication. Additionally, it sets to investigate different kinds of typologies of media use motives, and these are based on the theories of motivation and human needs.

There are recent developments in the social use of interpersonal communication technologies and by examining these developments, this article has introduced the concept of digital sociality, whereby technology is the main component of the interpersonal communication, the complex media environment that we are in today. It is therefore evident that there is a link between technology and the way individuals relate to one another in this modern age. It is the new technology that gives an individual the access to her/his personal network, and therefore they are able to contact with one another in an individual way. The article further states that there has been an emerging social environment which is totally new, and communication practices keep coming up every now and then. Things learned from the previous research include the dynamic nature of digital society that has been created by interpersonal communication technologies. Specific findings include the rampant usage of interpersonal communication technologies among teenagers and the gadgets used, such as mobile phones and laptops. However, there are conflicting findings that interpersonal communication technology is seen to be a very important aspect in the digital age and very efficient but, at the same time, it is making individuals not have face to face interaction that encompasses interpersonal communication in the first place. The article therefore confirms prior research regarding interpersonal communication technology that suggests that individuals use both new and old technology to maintain contact with the other individuals. Previous results show that indeed there is a complex media environment, and it is the interpersonal communication technology that helps keep up with the dynamic nature of the digital society.

The article uses various data collection processes to answer the hypothesis, and this includes a rigorous interdisciplinary analysis of various key aspects of interpersonal communication and the social uses of the interpersonal communication technologies and the way it has affected communication in general. Another procedure used is a harmonized core questionnaire with a block of 20 questions with units of persons aged 10-70 years. Consequently, a telephone survey was used to collect data from personal networks. An empirical study was also carried out to determine the strategies used by various groups as well as different kinds of typologies of media use motives. The subjects selected were according to the research questions that were raised in the introduction and were therefore tackled in the article accordingly. Content analysis was applied.

The article in its discussion comes up with various strategies used by various groups such as gratification approach by looking into social use as a social action. The other social uses include strategic, expressive, relational and informational cooperative. A typology that was developed in the article includes a very comprehensive empirical insight in the social uses of the interpersonal communication technologies.

With the empirical research developed in the article, findings offer a conceptual framework regarding the social uses of interpersonal communication technology, and this could form a basis of both applied and theoretical research. I further believe that knowledge from this article can be applied professionally as well as to the general public regarding the social uses of interpersonal communication technologies.

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