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Strong families are created when between a husband and a wife there is a lot in common:  views, interests, hobbies, culture, religion, nationality, mentality, habits, and the language they speak, etc. Even their day regimen matters: “owls” who go to bed late and “larks” who go to bed early and get up early will inevitably quarrel every day if they get married. This marriage may end in divorce, having got on each other’s nerves . Those married couples where both spouses have an identical day regimen, a similar nationality and belief and, in general,  more common features when they are about to marry, are likely to build a happier family on the ground of  mutual understanding and love.  Hence,  the answers to the foregoing  questions should be found out at  the first date. Ironically,  people treat these questions thoughtlessly today, which results in subsequent family problems.

Disadvantages of Interracial Marriages

Interracial marriages were forbidden by English Protestants Calvinists in the British colonies in North America in 1600. This “reasonable ban” had existed till 1967 when it was cancelled. After the cancellation, interracial marriages got popular bringing  numerous problems with them due to  an enormous cultural abyss between people of different races and nationalities. Neither scientific perspectives nor  the Bible approve of interracial marriages.

Scientifically,, as practice shows,  genetic crossing of animals does no good. The worst thing is that  hybrids perish quickly. To illustrate, the hybrid between a donkey and a horse is not capable to sire. In other cases, it is more difficult for a hybrid to adapt to the environment and to survive than for genetically pure individuals. The same happens to people. Children born in interracial marriages find it  more difficult to adapt both to the people of their father and  mother alike. Either side considers them to be strangers or abnormal people.

Despite unfavorable prognoses,  the generation of  children born in interracial marriages has already grown. The next  is growing up. This has led to  important  amendments to  overall attitude  of the society to interracial marriages. It seems that official barriers to  marriage registration between  representatives of the white and black races, do not exist. However, such couples quite often face boorish service at restaurants, misunderstanding in a family and  sneering treatment at work.

As one  sociological research has showed, which had been carried out by the Washington Post, Henry Kayser’s Family fund and the Harvard University, the vast majority of interracial couples do not feel any discomfort in communication with friends and colleagues. More than a half of them  consider that their children will have certain advantages in comparison to   children born in intra racial marriages.Freek Bin, the professor of sociology of the Californian University, argues that the relation to interracial marriages changes with an amazing speed and, probably, “soon people will cease to understand what they are inquired by sociologists about”.

Both critics and supporters of interracial  marriages hold important arguments to support their positions. Specifically, the experts  carrying out researches into  marriages between  people of  different nationalities, have found  some negative points of these unions.

 Interracial marriages are associated with discrepancy of cultures, traditions, customs, and approaches to education. Because of these divergences, various disagreements, even conflicts,  happen quite often. Such aspects of life as daily observance of rituals and customs, culinary traditions as well as religious practices are important since they are encountered  during  religious holidays,  wedding celebrations, rituals related to  birth and education of  children.

 Interracial  marriages quite often meet misunderstanding and condemnation from people around. Not only neighbors, colleagues, friends, strangers, and distant relatives can reproach, discuss, gossip and look for insincerity, material benefit of one or both spouses , but also  close  people, for example, relatives, whom the couple expects to rely on, often oppose the union.

Some ancient people are supposed to impart the feeling of national pride and fear of  assimilation, possessing confidence that it is extremely necessary to make a family within the nation. Moreover, even nowadays, during the globalization era, many representatives of such ethnoses are sure that it is extremely necessary to communicate only with “tribespeople” in everyday life in order not to lose originality, and striking and distinctive national traits, and not to change,  dilute, or  lose original  customs and traditions in an interracial union.

One more disadvantage concerns those who live in a different country that is not their own. In these families at least one partner  faces not only new mentality and lifestyle, but also encounters an essentially different legal base and health care organization. The young family faces difficulties from the beginning; yet, hardships may also  arise at different stages of any family’s life and formation. From the organizational point of view, it is not easy and is rather troublesome to move to a constant place of residence to another country, to receive a visa, a residence permit or citizenship. Additionally, the important role in relationship that are bound to develop in  a new place of residence for one of the couple is  attributed to a language barrier. It is not a secret that many wives and husbands, who are “torn off from their roots”, start missing their house,  their relatives and friends, as well as favorite places in the homeland and  their habitual food. One may say that this is a trifle in comparison with great love. Yet, one won’t deny that  the whole life of a person  consists of such particles.

The question of children born in  interracial unions is of great importance to the relations in a family. If an interracial marriage is about to crash,  real difficulties start . The spouse, who has arrived from another country, often appears less protected under the law. While the  judgment is being made with whom of two parents the children will live, the court does not consider  wishes of the children or parents, while placing above all the interests of the state. . So, in case parents start to fight over  their child, as well as accuse each other of inadequate taking of parental responsibilities and even in child abuse, it often happens that kids with  living parents may  get to shelters and even get adopted.

Advantages of Interracial Marriages 

According to psychologists, international marriages teach the society of tolerance and the ability to treat the representatives of different nations with understanding and to promote the improvement of the relations between the countries and ethnoses (Spigner 22). In  such families, legal collisions between the states are more often discussed and resolved. Due to the mutual interest in  culture and history, public life  increases, while  social cooperation is stimulated.

Psychologists are certain that  it does not matter if a  union is one-national or multi-national. Wellbeing, harmony and durability of a  family depends only on its  members and  their ability to forgive and forget offense, on their tolerance and patience, readiness for new experience and ability to respect, as well as on warmth and completeness of feelings, trust to each other, seriousness of attitude to the family and  partner, responsibility, mutual attachment, and love.

According to the findings  of the National Center of Statistics of Health of the USA, interracial families break up much more often than  families where both spouses are from the same  race. The risk of divorce for a “multi-colored” family which has existed for 10 years makes 61 %, while it is 11 % for a “monoracial” family. No wonder – the cultural abyss between the people of different races and nationalities is so enormous that no interracial marriage can  be happy and strong.

At the same time, four of ten Americans declared that at least once they made an appointment to representatives of another race, and three of ten had “serious relations”. This indicator is much higher among younger people. Only 55 percent of parents of white teenagers confirmed that they will not object to their kids’ marriage  to a  representative of some  other race, while  86 percent of  parents of  black children showed their complacence.

The interracial families made by celebrities are well-known. For example, the director and actor Woody Allen is married to an  Asian,  Robert de Niro – to an  Afro-American, the former Minister of Defense in Bill Clinton’s administration William Cohen – to an Afro-American, too. In turn, the president of the USA Barack Obama, a golfer Tiger Woods, actors Keanu Reeves and Holly Berry have “multi-colored” parents.

The most widespread type of interracial marriage in the USA is the one  between a white man and an  Asian woman. 20 % of  all marriagesof  Asians in the USA, as well as 35 % of  all marriages of Asians who were born in the USA fall to  this category. The second most widespread type of the interracial marriage is a union between a black man and a white woman. About 6 % of the marriages made by the Afro-Americans refer to this category .

Certainly, marriages where a husband and a wife belong to the same race and nationality are optimal, yet, it seems, if representatives of two different races love each other and maintain  trust, respect and understanding between them, they should stop having  doubts about their marriage.

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