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Jacksonville Florida is the biggest city in the United State of Florida. The city covers a very large area and most of it is metropolitan and within the limit of the city. It is the most popular city in Florida and comes to thirteen in the united state in terms of its popularity. The community of Jacksonville Florida consists of a total population of 735,617 people according to the most recent United States Census Survey. The number of men in Jacksonville was 356, 284 which means that they made up 48.4% of the whole community. The whole nation average of men in the whole country was 49.10%. The female population was 379,333 which means that they make up 51.60 % of the Jacksonville community, the national average of all women was 50.90%. There are 145,491 men who are married in the town of whom 53.5% are above 15 years, this compares to the national average of 52.10%. The females who are married in the community are 144,756 and 48.5% of them are over 15 years of age. This can be compared to the national average of 52.10%.

The median age in of this community is 33.8 as brought out by the last census which was done. This age is compared to a national average of 35.3. The number of people under the age of 5 is 53,938 while those above 18 were 539,278. This was 73.3 % compared to a national average of 74.30%. The people who were above 65 years were 75,915(10.3%) while that of the whole nation was 12.40%. There are people of many races in Jacksonville for instance the whites who are the dominant race, blacks, American Indians and Alaska natives, Hispanic, Asians, Native Hawaiian, and other pacific islanders and other or multiple races. The average household size is 2.52 compared to 2.59 nationally. The average family size is 3.07 compared to that of 3.14 nationally. The estimated household income was $50,476 in 2008. The per capital income was $25,993. Most people are educated and 82.3% had a high school education, nationally it was 80.40% while 21.1% had a bachelor’s degree or higher, national was 24.40%. According to the Center for Disease Control statistics (2006), the births were 236,802 per year; the fertility rate is 67.3 per 1,000 women of age 15-44 years. Deaths in the same year were 168,096 and revealed a death rate of 921.0 per a population of 100,000.

The types of housing in Jacksonville are diverse. There are owner-occupied houses and rental apartments. There are median houses and condos in most places in Jacksonville. There are also commercial buildings which are very tall, for instance the Bank of America Tower. There are other notable buildings such as Modis building which stand out and are very attractive. The type of housing is also determined by the type of neighborhood and whether one was living in urban or rural areas. Most people who live in urban areas live in rental houses whose rent is determined by the tenants depending on how well the building is and whether there is water and other amenities. There also who have bought land and built large bungalows especially the rich people. These homes are located near the towns. These bungalows are of different designs and architecture. In most areas which are rural in Jacksonville, the type of houses varies but most of them are located in people’s farms. There are also houses located along the beaches.                 

In Jacksonville, there is primary and secondary education and there are so many public and private schools. There are public high schools such as MarandinHigh School, DouglasAndersonSchool of the Arts among many others. Some of the private schools are Episcopal high schools and BollesSchool among others. The smaller private schools are mostly Christian and catholic schools. Jacksonville is also home to well known institutions of higher learning such as Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, Trinity Baptist College and Florida State College at Jacksonville among others.  There are many libraries in Jacksonville, for instance, Jacksonville Public Library in Florida. There are very many churches in the areas which are of all denominations.  There are Protestants and evangelical churches some of which are mega-churches, one fine example is FirstBaptistChurch and Christ’s church. There are also catholic churches such as Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine. There are also Jews in the city especially in Mandarin who worship in synagogues located in certain areas. There are also Muslim’s in the city because of the many mosques located in various parts of the city. There are many hospitals located all over the city for taking care of the health of the Florida citizens. These hospitals vary in sizes and there are those which are very large and other smaller ones. These hospitals have adequate medical personnel’s. for instance BaptistMedicalCenter in the South. The climate is humid and mild especially during the winter and hot during summer. The area is very hot generally and there are risks of thunderstorms to erupt even during summers which are a health hazard. The thunderstorms are caused by high heating of the land as opposed to the water. The city has also had hurricane attacks which have led to various damages. The problem that is a priority concern in the area is the prevalence of HIV among people. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the adults and adolescents living with HIV in the United States including the people who have not been diagnosed and are progressing with the disease are 1.1 million. However, the highest numbers were from Florida, New York, Texas, and California. The HIV diagnosis rates was very high in Florida, Louisiana and Maryland and according to statistics, the rates of the three states was higher than that the national average of 12.3 cases per 100,000 population per year. This shows that HIV is a problem that is of priority concern in Florida state and its cities. Those living with the diagnosis were of the infection were 91,529, those living with AIDS diagnosis were 48,492 and per 100,000 people the rate was 26.0.

In Jacksonville, the AIDS diagnosis in 2008 per 100,000 populations was 23.0 while the cumulative diagnosis was 2,744. The rate of HIV prevalence in Jacksonville is close to that of the whole of Florida and thus the HIV infection is a major problem in the city. Healthy people try to reduce the number of adults and adolescents living with HIV infection. The community in Jacksonville is not doing likewise because people health is being affected by the HIV infection because people are not avoiding the risk factors thus exposing themselves to the infection and the number is rising.  HIV infection has puzzled scientists since the illness was discovered in the 1980’s. It is not clear where the disease came from and the subject has evoked heated debates and explanations on the origin and the cure. HIV is connected and is the one which leads to AIDS.  HIV attacks the immune system. HIV is a lentivirus which means a slow virus. It takes a long time to adversely affect the body. These viruses are found in a number of animals and the HIV is said to have originated from the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) which influences monkeys. It is for this reason that most scientists believe that the virus originated from the SIV. There are two types of HIV, HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-2 was first discovered before HIV-1.                                                                                                                            

There have been advancements which have enabled to determine whether HIV is present in blood or a sample of plasma. It has also become possible for physicians to establish the specific subtype of the HIV virus. In the prepathogenesis phase of HIV infection, most people were not aware that the infection even existed and this saw many individual acquire the disease because they were no taking any precautionary measures to protect themselves from the disease. At this stage people had unprotected sex without knowing that there was a risk of acquiring the infection. They also used instruments infected with the infection without their awareness; this increased their chances of acquiring the infection. The pathogenesis stage began when people realized that the infection was harmful and most people already had the infection. There was no cure for this infection and hence it led to the resolution phase which is death because the HIV infection evolved to full-blown AIDS. There was no recovery from the disease and hence upon acquiring the infection, it led straight to death after a few years. HIV infection cases have been increasing in Jacksonville. This seems to have been caused by people failing to take precautionary measures such as use of condoms. People have been having unprotected sex without caring that there is a killer disease out there. The people have been exposing themselves to the risk factors. People are also not willing to be tested and thus they continue to spread the infection without their awareness. Howard(2010) reported a case of a man from Jacksonville who is gay and was infected by his partner and got to know 8 years later when the infection had grown to full blown AIDS.

The people in Jacksonville have not taken the initiative to know their status and this had led to increase in the number of people with the infection. The disease has increased among gay men in the community and the number of gay men with the infection is big. The Duval County Health Department has planned to study how the and why the HIV infection is rising among the gay men. They have been giving the message that people should get tested and if one is infected to change their behavior. Thus one of the groups at risk is the gay people. In Jacksonville more than 8,600 people have HIV or AIDs (Howard 2010) and half of 2360 people living with HIV are between 20 to 40 years. This shows that middle-aged people are at risk than the rest of the population. Men also suffer from the infection more than women. And nearly all men who had been exposed to the virus claimed that they were exposed through having sex with other men (Howard 2010). 

Behaviors such as sexual practices, substance abuse and accessing prenatal care have led to the prevalence of the disease in the Jacksonville. There is also other biomedical status which exposes one to the infection such as having other Sexually transmitted disease. Unprotected sex regardless of being homosexuals or heterosexuals with a person affected with HIV infection causes transmission of the infection (Seaman, 2004). Using infected injection equipment with a person who is infected also leads to one acquiring infection; nationally it has been the cause of most infections internationally. One of the indirect factors which have led to the problem is the invention of medicine to tackle the infection and advanced treatment. These medications have dampened people’s fear of contracting the disease. Previously people had always been cautious so as not to acquire the disease but with the invention of the treatment methods, their fears have decreased and are less scared of contracting the infection. People have lost the fear factor and thus are more exposed to the infection especially in Jacksonville.

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