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Citing Judith Revine, a withdrawal from the marketplace is not practical. In fact, it is absolutely impossible. However, she proposes that experience with people and the environment is the way to go. Personally, I would find it quite a challenge to withdraw from the marketplace, but I would take a partial withdrawal by involving in lighter consumption as opposed to my current consumption habits. In essence, my consumption habits are unplanned, and I find myself buying some items, which I happen to spot since they match my taste and preference. Therefore, they are quite several items I consume, which I never have a prior plan to shop when I leave for the supermarket. Basically, I would adopt an approach of less frequent shopping habits. For instance, when I am on my way to the movie shop, I end up buying some junk food such as popcorns, candies, and packed soft drinks. I would renounce these lavish spending habits since they add enormously to my consumption tally. In addition, I would avoid unplanned shopping. For instance, sometimes I happen to pass the boutique, spot a nice shirt, and end up buying it even though it was not included in my shopping list that particular day (Levine 124).

However, I think it is impossible to change my consumption habits without having unfavorable results. For instance, my chewing habits and my soft drinks consumption have been with me for a long time. In fact, they have been a part of my culture, and the Pepsi drink has been my signature drink since I have it daily. Therefore, relinquishing my consumption habits to a lighter consumption would demand that I accept the adverse changes. Quintessentially, I have the taste of Pepsi on my tongue every day. I would have to forego it to implement a lighter consumption. Pepsi is my favorite soft drink, it has some sense of identity since my folks always point out that I am always taking it. Giving up on consuming the drink as frequently as I have been doing it is equal to doing away with my sense of identity since it would no longer be my signature drink as it has been for the past several years. My interpersonal relationships would also be affected since I would cease going to some shops where I buy some items which I would have to do away with to embrace a lighter consumption trend. For instance, I only purchase candies from my long-time friend’s shop near my favorite bar. Therefore, I would cease interacting with him as well. Likewise, I would have less frequent conversations with Pepsi vendor at my neighborhood. Overall, changing my consumption habits would have adverse effects on my interpersonal relationships ( Levine 244).

Precisely, there are different persons I come across, and get to interact with mainly due to my consumption habits. For instance, I get involved in random talks regarding politics and soccer with the Pepsi vendor quite often whenever I am in the process of buying Pepsi. In addition, I go to the movie shop, the open market, and the supermarket mainly to shop hence I would never have across the persons serving at such places in case I did not go shopping. Therefore, denouncing some of my consumption habits would render my interaction with them impossible. Consequently, I will have changed my personality to a great degree as well. A lighter consumption trend implies less interaction in general hence I would be less social since I would interact with a less number of people as opposed to my current situation (Hoyer & MacInnis 234).

In conclusion, consumption is a part of culture, family, and friends. For instance, whenever I am on the way to the supermarket with a friend and decide to buy some popcorn, it goes without saying that I have to buy for the two of us. Likewise, the gifts I buy for my family are a part of my consumption trend, and changing them would affect this aspect as well.

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