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The freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental human rights ever recognized by the Federal Constitution of the United States. Free speech not only offers protection of the rational mind and its literary intellectual and scientific products, but it also means the absolute right to express one’s view so long as one does not violate the rights of others. Considering the growing diversity of the political interests and social views of the general public and their conflicting nature, regulatory measures need to be put in place to curtail freedom of speech for the ultimate good of the general public.

Even though there is mounting pressure on the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to rest its regulatory powers on what may be broadcast over airwaves by the broadcasting media, I am strongly convicted that well defined limits must be applied on freedom of speech to safeguard public interest and individual privacy against possible violation by the broadcasting media through unwelcomed advertising, unwanted marketing calls and promotional mails.

The concept of freedom of speech is founded on the assumption that all advertisers and broadcasters will carry out their broadcasting operations to the best interest of the public. This call for thorough vetting of the content of their advertisings before getting to air and further ascertain that they are palatable to the intended audience. Nonetheless, broadcasters often violate privacy of individuals. Secondly, the government is assumed to be the sole custodian of the public interest yet it sets to perpetuate its political ideals by suppressing views and opinions of the oppositions.

As much as we are entitled to enjoy the freedom of speech, each and every individual is under an obligation to cross check that his or her views are held to the best interest of the general public rather than individual preferences and ego.

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