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The article is devoted to one of the most essential problems of the modern society, which is Motherhood. The author is trying to clear out how the concept of Motherhood is comprehended and treated in the modern world and who needs it nowadays. The following concept is discussed by various scholars, who work in the different spheres of science, as well as ordinary people. The author concludes that the so called Motherhood Myth has been created and supported in the whole world for many centuries. According to this myth, the woman’s role is to give birth to children and become a good mother. Such a dogma has been approved by the society, state, and church. People are so accustomed to the Motherhood Myth that they do not want to see or look for other options. Recently, the point of view concerning Motherhood has been changed. It is up to a woman to decide whether she does really want to become a mother and have children or be free and do what she wants in/with her life. On the one hand, there are women who turn Motherhood into a cult and pay no attention to other things. The worst thing is that such women try to impose their ideas on next generations. Such a thing is unacceptable and wrong. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to be child-free or have a planned child. Without doubt, the understanding of Motherhood can be different in each person. Some women give their preference for children, household, and various routine problems, while others become crazy about all such things. Sometimes such women look like robots or real monsters. If to compare a childless woman with a woman who has children, the first one is considered to have a better emotional condition and a wide range of options and possibilities. In the modern society, there is a new generation of women who interpret Motherhood in their own and unique way.


Rollin’s article dwells on the role of women in the modern society and attitudes regarding the concept of Motherhood. The author has represented various points of view and strong arguments concerning Motherhood. Also, multiple examples and evidence have been provided. The problem of Motherhood is of great importance for the modern society and its each representative. The following article makes people think and discuss the problem of Motherhood and the role of women. The article is very convincing and reasonable. Every person in the world faced, is facing, or will face Motherhood; I will be not an exception. In my opinion, it is up to a person to decide what side of the coin to choose, either heads or tails. The only thing that should be always kept in mind and paid attention to is that every person is the creator of his/her own destiny.

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