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It is not a secret that every woman likes standing out in a crowd, being special and sometimes controversial. Women want to be feminine but strong, week in men’s eyes but independent. Every woman wants to be beautiful. The Revlon`s “Orange Sherbet” makeup advertisement is a perfect example of two eternal controversy combinations — women’s power and sensual femininity.

The advertisement appeals to reason with the help of a well planned choice of colors in the picture. Everything in the advertisement is of similar soft orange and bright orange colors. However, in the center of the picture there is a ring with a blue stone on the finger of a model that contrasts with the rest of the colors. It makes women want to be strong and confident enough not to be afraid of being different from other females. The beach background combined with sunny colors and the words “New summer color” makes us think about summer, warm and happy days. It refreshes good memories that make women feel positive about themselves and the product they have chosen. The advertisement shows the interconnection between the company’s makeup and reaching the desired look. Consequently, the only thing that women need to do is to buy the makeup “Orange Sherbet”, and then everything will become perfect: your appearance, lips, nails, social status, surrounding, and the way you and others perceive your appearance.

The advertisement appeals to emotions of the potential customers by making women desire to resemble the woman in the picture and gain the qualities that she represents. The model’s appearance underscores her femininity, but at the same time very strong power is concealed behind her pretty face. Her confident look, curved eyebrows, expensive jewelry, pose and sense of style make us believe that she knows what she is worth and how to appreciate herself. Being stylish and elegant, the woman knows what she wants in life and desires to exert an influence on men. Women hope to be in the center of attention to be able to impress men, be independent, strong, but also charming by using this makeup. The advertisement allows you to be the woman from the picture. It stimulates the women, who are the target purchasers of the makeup, to be different by using “Orange Sherbet”. Women believe that while using this makeup they will gain those unique features, which will make them different. They expect to be “on the top of the world” like the lady in the picture. However, the elaborately presented advertisement does not make women think that they need to improve their appearance and boost self-confidence with the help of “Orange Sherbet” makeup. In fact, it makes them think that they already have the status of a `goddess`, who is strong and charming, therefore, the makeup will suit them.

Ethos in the advertisement is represented by the special use of the words. The idea of underlining the words `everyone`, `orange`, and `delicious` is to make people focus their attention and remember them, which draws a bright picture in the customers’ minds. The name “Orange Sherbet” and the word `delicious` go as an analogy to `taste` and `good taste` in women’s minds. It makes females think that using these cosmetics will characterize them as women who have good taste. The words “suntanned or untanned, “Orange Sherbet” is your dish” make expert final conclusion that this color suits everyone. Thus, the advertisement relies on the credibility making the women believe that experts such as this makeup producer know better. Another expert’s suggestion helps women understand that this color looks good on any occasion: while dating with someone or spending time on the beach. Women like being advised concerning makeup choice; this is the reason why females do not like going shopping without a friend. Therefore, the advertisement seems to be a friend for the purchaser who cares about the appearance.

Without a doubt, the advertisement appeals to all senses by making women want to become confident and not be afraid of being in the center of attention. The picture is aimed to persuade the women to buy the cosmetics and make a difference to the way they feel rather than the way they look.

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