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Romero, this movie depicts late 1970, when few rich persons of El Salvador dominate the many people who are made poor. To carry on the existing state of affairs against the agriculture farmers and labor organizations that are in active revolt, they adopt a military method to brutalize the general people, particularly those persons who support and fight for Marxism. Assassinations, executions, and disappearances happen commonly. At the time of elevating conservative Oscar Arnulfo Romero to archbishop by the Vatican, then the military governors think that the masses and the activist priests will not support them anymore.

Romero the holy peacemakers will preach. Initially, that is exactly what he does. But when the soldiers frustrate voters, fire the masses randomly, torture dissidents, and kill a dedicated priest and Romero’s friend, the archbishop condemns this through radio messages, censures collaborating bishops, and guides a march of general workers towards a soldiers’ occupied church.  He also abuses and confronts the El Salvadoran president, who is a tough general, paradoxically associated with Archbishop Romero by name but not by thinking. At that time suddenly the country face the harsh pain of civil war. In 1980 instead of the government’s so called reformation the death squads of the military maintain their control of fear, Romero carries on protesting and attaining international awareness. The climax of the movie is at the incidents that happened in Monday, March 25, 1980, when Romero is saying for his immediately late mother in the crowd. Among all of the Attendees, four persona have no meaning of getting the Holy Eucharist.

This movie has great importance for American history as it visualized the unfairness of Central America (Keller 184). The stratified humanity is the main theme of the movie. Romero’s elimination indicates how the government dominated cruelly the ordinary people of the struggling people in Latin America and how the church fought against it.

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