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Every year around the same time, millions of young Americans attend college, participate in massive parties and get drunk. Law enforcement authorities end up arresting most of these young adults, causing them to partake in illegal activities for months or even years. Therefore, every year around the same season, numerous debates arise on whether the legal age limit should be lowered or abolished. After carrying out my research on the subject, I have come to agree with the popular notion that the legal drinking age should be lowered. In fact, I am of the opinion that the age should be lowered back to eighteen years old and not 19. As I gathered from questionnaires distributed around campus, most of the young people support this position.

In the United States, one is legally considered an adult once he/she attains the age of 18. This status accords one privileges of owning property and adopting children. Additionally, one is subject to paying taxes and going to prison as opposed to serving time at a juvenile center. According to Cloud (2008), it is absurd for someone to be allowed the above legal liberties, but denied the right to take alcohol. Some oppose lowering the drinking age citing the fear of endangering the lives of the youth. However, this argument has no foundation. Opponents argue that teens have not yet reached the appropriate age to handle alcohol responsibly, and are thus more likely to harm themselves and other people (Thio & Taylor, 2011). However, once one is no longer considered a minor under the law, they can be drafted into the military and sent to war, putting their lives into grave critical circumstances and providing an opportunity to take other peoples’ lives.

Generally, it is common for young people to act contrary to what is expected of them. Many underage teens tend to drive home after drinking so that they can hide it from their parents. However, young adults could feel less pressure inform their parents when they consume alcohol if the legal age is lowered. Ultimately, the biggest threat to young adults’ safety arises when they drive home under the influence of alcohol (Engs, 1998).

Evidently, other countries have proved that it is indeed possible to have a lower legal drinking age as it is not only logical but is also a positive influence on the well being of the young adults.

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