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The interview was conducted according to the planned agenda, although the interviewer included a few questions that erupted during the interview without special preparation. The interviewee was Professor Kim of Yonsei University, South Korea. He was chosen for the interview as the interviewer was interested in the fields of business and marketing, and the interviewee teaches those disciplines.

The interviewer opened the interview with an introduction to the interviewee, explained the purpose of the interview and asked for some advices in the field of business and marketing. The interviewee was informed about the length of the interview. Using the clearinghouse questions, interviewer summed up and finished the entire conversation. Interviewer took notes of the conversation, marking the important points mentioned. Interviewee spoke in a calm manner, which allowed the interviewer to get all the required information without any loss.

The information was collected from both the personal and business approaches. The only issue during the interview was using English instead of Korean, so some questions had to be repeated. Due to the comfortable location of the interview there were no problems conducting it. Interviewer learnt to conduct an interview correctly and create appropriate questions for it. An option of interviewing two people and comparing the results afterwards is the future goal of the interviewer.

During the interview, Professor Kim briefly described his life to the point of becoming a professor. He also provided an overview of his learning and teaching experience. Professor Kim explained his methods of work with students and emphasized the role of leadership in the development of students as personalities. In relation to the fields of business and marketing, professor explained teaching should be always combined with learning, i.e. it is always useful to learn new information to be able to share something new with the students. Professor Kim also briefed the interviewer on the question of consumer behavior, as it is one of the key factors in the nowadays market branding. He emphasized the role of gaining practical experience prior to graduation and gave final advice about three major aspects of business to be considered: interest, ambition and curiosity.

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