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Every summer holiday we my parent would take me and my little sister Jill to visit my grandmother at Long beach California where we would spend our holidays till when the schools reopened. It was interesting because it gave us a break from the long monotonous and sometimes boring life back at home. Dad usually accompanied us and stayed on for the first three days before going back to work but he would visit us often especially during the weekends. However In the year 2008 mum told us that our summer holidays would be full of surprises but she refused to disclose to us the details and said that she would do once the vacation starts.

Jill and I waited with baited breath for the holidays to start so that we could get to know mums surprise. She was often busy at work because her career as a high school teacher gave her little time to interact with us especially when she had a lot of student papers to mark. Then one evening when mum came with dad and announced to us that we would go to Seychelles for our holiday vacation. Jill and I did not know where Seychelles was located. Mum had told us to research where it was located. Immediately Jill and I searched for it on the internet and realized that it was a famous tourist destination with numerous palm fringed beaches.

It was unbelievable that for the first time in my life I would enjoy my summer holiday outside America. The excitement was beyond words. It took us approximately one week for us to prepare adequately for our departure to Seychelles. As soon as the preparation was over we boarded the plane at Princeton airport in New Jersey and took off to what would be a two weeks interesting vacation in Seychelles. Seychelles islands are located close to the republic of Madagascar in Africa. We had travelled along with different other tourist who were headed to the same destination. We arrived at the Seychelles international airport just before dusk. We were welcomed by a group of dancers who wore traditional attire and our visit truly began on a high note.

My parents had booked two weeks reservations at the banyan tree hotel which was located at a place known as Quatre Bornes. The hotel was prestigious and was located next to a beautiful beach. The weather was cool and the ocean was blue it was a beautiful scenario. Everybody had carried a digital camera in order to take beautiful pictures of his own. I used my camera to take pictures of Jill and other people as well as the numerous sceneries we encountered as we moved from region to region.

Everything was going as expected and we were experiencing the best times of our lives until the third day. On this particular day my parents decided that we would stay around the beach and enjoy some of the traditional performances and the local food. This was an excellent idea because it gave Jill and I a chance to explore the region. We left the hotel at around eleven in the morning and headed straight to the beach. As soon as we were settled on a strategic area on the beach Jill and I began to play around with the sand because mum and dad were having a conversation.

After an hour of basking Jill and I decided to join some kids at the beach who were playing beach football. However they refused us to join the game citing that the teams were already crowded and requested us to wait for our turn. Immediately Jill discovered a place at the end of the beach which had several coconuts on the ground. We ran towards the spot and started to play with the coconuts. There was a small boat next to the beach which was partly in the water and partly on the beach. Jill and I boarded the boat and started to move in a rocking motion mimicking the fishermen we saw on television. To our disbelief the boat floated on the water and started drifting further. We were not perturbed because the ocean floor was quite visible from our position. However strong waves pushed as further and in a few minutes we were far from the beach. It is then that we realized that the boat was not going back to the shore and started screaming. It was strange that nobody had noticed us yet. Our screams were finally heard by someone who notified the rest of the people at the beach. Our boat had drifted far away but we could clearly see a group of people near the beach pointing at our direction. We stayed on the boat for five minutes before a larger motor boat approached us from the shore we were not aware who the boat belonged to but upon approaching I could see dad and mum were onboard. The board belonged to the coast guard and perhaps my parents had decided to seek their help. We were very relieved that they came to rescue us.

Upon reaching the beach the coast guards called my parents aside and they talked for around ten minutes. Mum was shocked and dad was angry. We left the beach immediately to our hotel. My parents said that we could only stay within their sights for the rest of our visit in Seychelles which turned out to be very interesting.

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