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The Technology and Responsibility: Reflections on the New Task of Ethics by Hans Jonas is a detailed psychological study in which Jonas has discussed in detail the relationship between technology and ethics by discussing various aspects and factors building up human ethics from the evolution of mankind to the technological advancements. Jonas has put forward an argument that the nature of human action has changed with the evolution of technology and human life styles and with the change in that nature the ethical principles should be appropriately altered.

As rightly put by Jonas in the text that the modern technology has brought in actions of such fresh nature that the old ethical concepts cannot contain these. Jonas has effectively put out detailed reasoning regarding his observation and discussed in detail the human nature and actions before and after this expanded technological advancements.

Jonas has supported his study of inter relationship between the technology and ethics. He put forward that with the rapid change in circumstances a man lives in and development and globalization of the world, nature of human being and their knowledge about the changing circumstances is really important. He has highlighted and discussed I detail almost all the major contributors of change, the nature of the humans so as to survive and dominate this and all the reasons that why this cannot be catered by the previous age old concepts of ethics.

As Jonas elaborated in the text that modern technologies has introduced actions of such novel scale, objects and consequences that the framework of former ethics can no longer contain them. (H. Jonas 124). Jonas also highlighted the following in his paper the cumulative self-propagation of the technological change of the world thus constantly overtakes the conditions of its contributing acts and moves through none but unprecedented situations, for which the lessons of experience are powerless.

Jonas also explained in his paper that previously ethical standards and theories do not have to consider the globalization and merger of various cultures, norms and religions but with the technological advancements the world has become a global village and these aspects are critical to be considered while coming up with ethical principles and practices. As pt out in the text by Jonas that no previous ethics had to consider the global condition of human life and the far-off future, even existence, of the race.

Jonas has clearly identified all the major reasons behind his conclusion that along with technological advancements and growth the concepts of ethics should also be revised and changed as the old norms can no longer contain the new actions. The reasons include merger of nationalities and behaviors as a result of technology, which was not considered while making the previous ethical principles, however, this cannot be ignored now as human behavior has vastly changed because of globalization and proper ethical dimensions and values should be set.

After reading the paper and all the arguments discussed by Jonas so as to reach to this conclusion that is discussed in this paper, it can be said that the he has effectively discussed all the relevant details and reasons that can easily make the reader accept the fact that with the growing technology and change in the environment ethical principles and values should also be changed so as to effectively include the new and fresh aspects of human nature within the circle of ethical values. This alteration in ethical values is most important as proper ethical standards are required so as to maintain the transparency and honesty in the society and environment and world without proper ethical principles and values may result in a society that is not appropriate for people to survive honestly and impartially.

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