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The great British life Magazine remains the leading lifestyle magazine in the United Kingdom. This magazine mostly appeals to the young, educated and working class people. It is full of informative material, quality editorials and interesting promotions. The magazine also offers voluntary support and advice to their clients about creating good advertisements that percolate through the target audience. One outstanding aspect about this magazine is that the magazine has a magnificent cover, often very captivating in the eyes of the reader. The design team places various topographical features, such as, product images and photographs in double spread format on the cover page and in various pages inside the magazine to enhance the standing of the magazine and woo readers in the most accurate approach. Furthermore, the design team always chooses a photo that is interesting to their target audience. Their stories look very professional as they use multi-column layouts. They also balance the colour on the pages to make them look attractive and professional. They are also careful about the amount of content and do not overwhelm their readers with way too much information.

The great British life Magazine prides itself in celebrating everything that is beautiful and unique about Britain, creating a platform, upon which its advertisers can reach their target clients. An advertiser with the magazine Diane Bird of DROM UK Ltd says they have often advertised with the magazine and maintains that it is well written and widely read within the UK. Deidre Manning of Strutt and Parker LLP says he was astonished at the fast speed with which advertisements are approved by the magazine. The production team is also very patient and courteous when dealing with clients. This level of professionalism is what has maintained the magazine at the top despite a lot of competition coming from other publishers targeting the same audience.

The other advertisers include Royal Alexandra and Albert school. The administration the adverts work fine and they are often happy with the service they receive. James Webster of the Lifestyle Show, another advertiser with the magazine, maintains that his company always chooses the great British life Magazine as its profile matches their target audience.

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