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These are the stories of three travelers who have traveled to experience countries greatly different from their own. Their stories have made a great influence on perceptions of cultures and early history. Every one of the traveler has his own unique character, vision and perception.  These travels show us how people from different backgrounds and mentalities perceive different things. This also shows evolution from the old days to the modern day, how perceptions of people changed  along with the customs and traditions of these people.

The first one of the travelers, deeply spiritual, has spent most of his life thinking and searching for the meaning of life. He has learned to organize his thoughts clearly.  He was coming from China to find answers to a lot of questions Buddhism in his country could not give him. However he has discovered that there a lot of schools, who exercise different methods of teaching and each and every of them claims to be superior to others. Everything he had seen, he nicely summarized and split into categories. He did not express any emotion with his narration; he did no highlight positive and negative sides. He merely stated the facts. He describe the main points on how everything works in India.

Marco Polo came from Europe into the country so different it might as well be another planet. He is just an average person  that has come to travel this far and experience the culture, therefore, his  story telling is erratic, he jumps back and forth in his piece. As often thought by the scientist he was often either exaggerating or underselling  the things  that he had seen, probably because what he saw was new and so different to him that it made enormous impression on him. He could not understand how come people never fight there, as many European people, except of those of Nordic descent, have very hot temper. The high level of  organization deeply impressed his as he has never seen such thing before.

The third traveler is a Muslim person coming to a Muslim country in West Africa, sounds as if everything will be normal and nothing  mid rattling should not happen . However, this Muslim country is nothing like his own.  The firth thing that impressed him the most is that women are not covering their faces  as normally Muslim women do, on the contrary wives of sultan and his daughters are walking around absolutely naked with  absolutely no  clothing on them.   Another shocking  revelation for him was the freedom in the  relationships between men and women. The safety and hospitality in this country was uncanny to this traveler. The custom of people to travel with no food or money was something unusual, he  greatly enjoyed this experience.  When traveler comes through the village, women come out and greet him ,offering him food and drinks  of all kinds and of great variety, to feed him.  And traveling alone in the country is unusually safe.  The simplicity and openness  of the people, their truthfulness and 

To conclude I would like to say that this is rather interesting to compare how different people travel and through what kind of goggles they see the world. This beneficial not only for historians,  anthropologists and psychologists, this is also important to the mediocre person . Why? The reason is that Buddhism, Christianity and Islam are the world’s most popular religions, and with globalizations’ increasing pace,  it can provide with an insight to how other people from those cultures think, to able to find common ground in the majority of the situations.

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