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According to my understanding of the text, Putnam’s claim is that indeed he cannot fail to accept the fact that the divorce of his parents left scars in him which cannot be done away with. He states clearly that although he has lived a good life sharing his time between his parents, he still feels that something is a miss though not as evident as in cases experienced by others. He states his claim out in the third paragraph of his essay. From my experience and judgment I would to an extent agree with him that its better for separation rather than endless quarrels which to me would be of more negative effect, it is also true according to me that people tend to discuss divorce very negatively which sometimes might be uncalled for.

Putnam’s evidence is based on the solid ground of a vague memory in his younger year of a fight between his parents. He states that standing at the upstairs hallway of their Philadelphia home, he remembers seeing shadows moving back and forth with raised voices, this he admits affected his memory and he can never forget that regardless the fact that it happened around 15 years ago. This fully supports the claim that his parent’s separation affected him.

Putnam’s definition of what makes a good parent is more than three quarters percent true if not fully true and I cannot hide the fact that it impresses me and I do agree with his argument on that.

The warrant brought forth by the writer that a loving parent will always be on the right path to success is true to me. This is a simple fact of life; if you as a parent has genu8ine and authentic love for your child/ren, you will always wish the best for them therefore all your decisions concerning them will have their best interest at heart this would logically lead to success no matter the financial situation. He goes ahead to back up the warrant by giving his own example that because his parents had a lot of love for him, they chose to separate in a bid to ensure that their son whom they really loved was not affected with their numerous quarrels. I think is backing is sufficient to that argument.

Some of the other underlying warrants by the writer are that the act of separation was a sacrifice which ensured that he was not deprived of parental love rather just the physical presence and this was countered by the sharing of his year halfway between the mother and the father. Another warrant is the fact that separation is better than endless quarrels which deeply affect the children and the sense of love in a family. He also warrants his claim, by stating that he finds himself very alienated having to divide his time and share it between the two and relatives of the two this clearly shows that he is affected to some extent.

Putnam’s qualifies his claim by acknowledging that separation of his parents, has had negative effects o0n him even though he has tried all through to live a normal life, therefore according to me this has no limitations on the argument on the contrary I think it gives the argument an upper hand.

Putnam uses the fact that he is well aware that divorce may cause abandonment and proximity among the children of a divorced parenthood. I would take this as a rebuttal in my perspective of the argument. I can also say that divorce is not the best way to solve family disputes. This is my rebuttal as it is clear that not all people will experience easy life after divorce as it was for Putnam. He is just lucky.

Fortunately, I am from an intact marriage; however, I think it would have impacted negatively on my upbringing if by any chance there was a divorce, it would also change my mind and my perspective of marriage. I think I would not wish to marry at all.

Normally, most divorces have summed up to ruining a whole family. Putnam is very lucky that his divorce came the best way which definitely happens once in a blue moon. Divorce affects children’s mentality and consequently their growing up. If at all one was in position to determine what the divorce would, it would be wise to divorce once you have known that your divorce would still give the child/ren opportunities as is the case for Putnam otherwise divorce is not the best action it leads to abandonment and proximity as Putnam acknowledges.

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