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A Venn diagram is the best graphic that can be used to develop a persuasive argument as it creates a visual comparison between the concerned variables. In most cases, Venn diagrams are used to create a general outline that will later be used to develop comparison and contrast in the essay. For example, it is clear from the given Venn diagram that both cats and dogs can be good pets. The reasons as to why one would say so include their unique ability to entertain as well as their ability to live in several habitats. In addition, the two animals are generally friendly to humans and can become good friends with humans.

Nonetheless, both have drawbacks as they shed beside the fact that they can be very destructive. Obtaining and maintaining them as pests can be costly in terms of resources and time as they require a lot of attention. In terms of their individual uniqueness, it is evident from the Venn diagram that cats are easier to care for as they only need basic housing and simple foods. Dogs, on the other hand, can be good companions as they can accompany one to the park or nature walk. The Venn diagram makes a visual persuasion that is quite easily noticeable.

Fishbone diagrams do not significantly contribute to the development of a persuasive argument. Basically, these diagrams are meant to show factors that cause an effect. Thus, it is difficult to make any persuasive arguments based on fishbone diagrams. In the given diagram, it is clear what factors are associated with biological warfare disease. However, one cannot make any deductions as to why the biological warfare disease develops based on the information contained in the fishbone diagram.

In conclusion, professional writing requires a perfect understanding of the topic of discussion. Diagrams are mostly used to enhance the understanding of the topics to write about and to arrange one’s thoughts in a more persuasive manner.

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