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In many real life situations, some funny things become so popular that one could have never thought of. For example, “all your base are belong to me” — this is considered as one of the worst Japanese-English translation in video game industry. However, the wrong English sentence spread like a virus on the Web. People took it in a funny manner but at the end of the day, the sentence became popular globally.

Many leading companies have got their own punch lines and it is no wonder that consumers remember those quotations easily. One of the most famous quotations that I remember is “Life is Good” from LG Company. Recently, I saw an advertisement on television about a new mobile network company, DOCOMO — the name is so funny that it always reminds me of the advertisements.

What we say matters a lot in our professional as well as personal world. However, one wrong word may raise an issue or controversy — therefore, it is important to understand the value of what we speak or write to convey certain information. As far as professional ethics is concerned, it comprises of personal beliefs, professional guidelines, organizational practices, and legal or judicial requirement.

Many website on the Internet use funny quotations or friendly content to attract visitors. If a website is selling online, it attracts consumers with some attractive logo, pictures and user-friendly content and site architecture. Many websites use small yet effective punch lines to convey their message. The ultimate aim of every website is to attract visitors on their site. Therefore, what we say really matters a lot and sometimes funny things work wonders in the real life situation.

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