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A common question asked by people who enter into any field is why they have chosen that certain field. The same situation is with me as I have been asked why I want to be in the nursing profession. A simple answer to the question is “What can be the best and most noble profession other than helping people at the time when they need it the most?” It is said that doctors are life-savers. Surely, nursing is not exactly the same profession as a doctor, but certainly, nursing plays a supportive role in saving lives. The most important thing which makes me enthusiastic about working as a nurse is that nursing not only helps in saving lives but also gives a chance to contribute to the development of society. Helping those people, who are in pain, gives spiritual satisfaction. In today’s materialistic world, where everyone is either too materialistic or unsatisfied, nursing is a profession and a way to get peace of mind and heart.

As far my strengths are concerned, the most important strength of mine is that I am soft-hearted and I can feel the pain of others. This can be taken as a weakness by many, but for me, this is strength. The reason for this is the ability to feel the pain of others that makes a person a good human being. Another strength that I have is that I am capable of remaining cool and calm in tough situations, for example, during surgery operations and any sudden health care problems like heart attack etc. My major weakness is that I cannot see someone dying in front of me. It is always sorrowful to see a life dying. My career aspiration is to become a successful nurse. When I say successful, I do not mean it in monetary terms but in terms of a soft-hearted and caring nurse playing a positive role in the society.

I believe that the course from nursing school will help me to gain professional expertise so that along with my professional skills and with my passion to help people, I will become a very good nurse.

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