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The target group of the article “Working at McDonald’s” written by Amitai Etzioni is teenagers’ parents. The author does a research in order to warn them against the hazards of the popular fast food jobs mostly taken by young people. He uses numerous specific examples to dispute the traditional point of view on full-time or part-time jobs in the junk food industry and reveals all their disadvantages. He claims that such jobs are too routinized, thus they leave no room for creativity, imitativeness or ambitions of the employees. They acquire neither new skills nor valuable experience. Teenagers spend time meant for study or sport on mere earning money they waste on clothes or gadgets. The obvious message of the article is to make an appeal to the parents and persuade them to think twice before they allow their children to work in prejudice of getting education.

Work at McDonald’s or any other chain business is beneficial for every teen and may cause fundamental change in their lives. As a teenager, one mostly lacks the skills of time management and confidence. A part-time job can not only urge a teen to show up on time, but also fill them with pride when they get a paycheck or praise from their supervisors. One more benefit of having a part-time job in high school is learning how to build working relationships with colleagues and customers, developing interview skills and the ability to make decisions. Moreover, young people are usually bound to save up for their study, a new car, trendy clothes or technological innovations, so a fast-food restaurant can serve as a good option to earn the required money. To sum up, having a flexible work schedule and being responsible, teenagers are able to manage their time and combine studying and earning, at the same time getting valuable experience for their careers.

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