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Youtube is a video-sharing social site. It is so popular that more than 20 hours of video get uploaded to the site every minute. The site was started in 2005 and later acquired by Google in 2006. In January 2009 alone, more than 100.9 million viewers watched more than 6.3 billion videos on YouTube in the US. Therefore You Tube can be better described as an online video website. It allows internet users to make, upload and share videos with other internet users. To allow for a quick view of the videos, they are usually streamed and they are usually homemade videos. One big difference with YouTube from the other above social sites is that YouTube is a free service accessible to all who can access the internet whether registered or not although it is advisable to register to make it easier to upload videos, store your favorite videos, rate and leave comments on them.

When looking for videos on YouTube, one has to log to their website and by searching for any particular video, they automatically appear and then the one which you were looking for is chosen. The videos can be accessed by the one with the most comments, rates, and views or most linked.


The internet has brought about new and complex ways of sharing information. Several websites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and tweeter have taken advantage of internet emergence and its popularity and they have set their social networking sites. Most of these sites have a profile for their users and a place where to update a user’s status which is then viewed by the user’s friends. It is possible also to upload photos and share them among a member’s friends. Videos as well can be uploaded and watched through these sites. Thus people with a common interest can meet and discuss important things either on their status updates or through several groups to which one can opt to be a member.

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