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Statistics show that only in the U.S. more than half of newly created small businesses cease to exist in the first few years. Of course, these data are quite capable to scare even the most confident. However, it should not be forgotten that the majority of such failures are very similar. Therefore, this paper is aimed to discuss five major reasons of businesses failures, because it is rather necessary to understand them in order to avoid similar hindrances while conducting their own business.

Main Reasons Why Business Fails

The first one is related to the ignorance of the competition. In recent years, the degree of customer loyalty was significantly reduced. Now the buyer goes to places where he/she would be given the best products at the best prices, therefore, they easily break the previous long-term business relationship for better and more interesting offer. Business owners should not lose sight of competitors and hesitate to learn from their most successful ideas; he/she can also copy the most brilliant ideas from the competitors, of course, without violating patent laws. In addition, on a weekly or monthly basis the director or the owner of the business should allocate some time to development of new methods, new product or a new service for his/her company in order to make it more competitive with unique value proposition.

The second cause relates to the low effectiveness of marketing. Regardless of the very common stereotype that there is now almost no services and products that can sell themselves, it is very good that a certain type of business is one of those who can, however, the majority of commerce centers need to have effective marketing strategy in order to improve sales performance. In order to make sales effective and generate money for business needs, products have to be well-publicized. If the business owner or the director simply does not have free time to engage in marketing activities, then it is needed to hire a qualified person for this. Effective and efficient marketing can sell the product by itself, getting money for the business development and performance. Therefore, it is extremely important for marketing to be on a high level.

The third reason plays a crucial role in business performance and it is the neglect of the needs of customers. If the company managed to attract customers, there should be a lot of hard, continuous, based on the researches and effective work in order to keep them in the future. Customer service should be admitted to the rank of the key aspects of business performance. If the owner and his/her employees do not do that, buyers will find someone who will give them what they want. Thus, for the successful business performance it is needed not only engagement, but also retention of the potential clients and regular once. However, depending on the sphere of the current business performance, sometimes it is more necessary to concentrate on the people who are already the regular customers of the company than to pay money for those who maybe in the future would became the company’s clients or visitors. This theory is approved by the experience of definite small business companies who are working in the luxury segment.

The next reason is crucial for every company because only some of them are working without hired labor. Therefore, incompetent staff hiring is the next reason of businesses failures. Employees are the people who are directly contacting with the company’s clients, they play the role of the facilitator between company and its customers. If the employees are poorly proficient, low motivated and ineffective, customers will find another place where they would be perfectly served and spend their money there. It is important to hire highly-qualified employees as they are needed for the various business processes. If somebody is taken for the work, it will be necessary to make sure that this person is really well prepared and can competently and efficiently handle all the tasks.

The last one but not the least important cause is connected with the absence of deliberate and well prepared plan of action. The business is a high-risk thing. During the business performance the owner or the director often faces all sorts of obstacles that can hinder the development of the business, or even expel him/her from it. For the majority for risk assessment and maximisation of business protection from the unexpected obstacles it is needed to develop the business strategy or create detailed business plan (Pease, 2010). In this case, the occurrence of unexpected, unwanted and unplanned circumstances will not cause any problems for effective business performance. It is also desirable to develop a backup plan in case of business ineffectiveness and unprofitability. However, even the existence of a deliberate plan of action does not fully insure the business. Having a detailed plan can help business owner to operate more effectively and change more quickly. Any effective change (improvement, corrections) in business must be performed step by step, point by point, and brought to its logical conclusion to bring as much profit as definite segment has.


Starting own business, inexperienced entrepreneurs often do not even think about how many obstacles can appear on their way. Problems appear like mushrooms after the rain, not only in the initial stage of business development but also during the growth of the company that is quite stable, causing considerable damage to the case. A business person needs to understand that a trouble does not arise out of nothing, that they are, above all, the result of personal neglect and lack of experience. Unfortunately, to completely avoid flaws in business is not feasible, but knowing about the most common of these can protect the one from the failures. The way to success is not so thorny if it is known what barriers are needed to pass.

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