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In an ideal world, building and managing a brand to cross over cultural lines takes a lot of both aggressiveness and patience. Hidesign is a firm that deals in manufacture and supply of a wide range of leather products and whose presence is felt in more than 23 countries. Going further, Dilip Kapur, the firm’s Founder and President appreciates the fact that it takes superfluous efforts to realize synergy between countries for a brand that started off as his hobby back to 1978.

What are the main contributions that have accelerated the exemplary success of Hidesign? That’s a million dollar query for any new investor in the Indian leather industry. One of the prime factors that have contributed to fast development in Hidesign’s brand prominence in India is due to the fact that in this country, the leather industry is one of the oldest manufacturing industries dating back to around 3000BC. This implies that there are readily available resources such as raw materials, ready market for export as well as fine labor mobility.

Significantly, one cannot fail to point out the range of products associated with Hidesign, which have also contributed to its diversified customer base. Some of these products include briefcases, computer bags, hand bags, wallets, and key chains among other fashionable elements. Kapur, the firm’s founder, born in 1948 adds that his involvement in the Cultural Revolution contributed to the assorted and unique designs of his leather products which later gained high demand from tourists.

Hidesign has also achieved a notable milestone in terms of its global expansion. It primarily started off its operations with a mere Rs.25000 to a commercial zone worth Rs.1 billion, with a further distribution network of over 2000 stores in more than 23 countries. According to Kapur, each country has its own strategies employed to build the brand with advertising being a central component of promotion. Lastly, strategic partnerships with multi-cultural design teams based in London have also contributed some substantial amount of effort to ensure that the brand is fresh and current.

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