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In the contemporary business world managers and think tanks around the globe have extra pressure on them in order to create a win-win situations for their companies or businesses all the time. It can be put in other words as winning at all costs. This extra pressure one way or other sometimes drives able and competent ethical people to make decisions, which are not ethically correct by any means because the violation of ethics occurs.

Business ethical dilemma in other words is a situation, in which mental conflicts occur in terms of choosing the sides or making the decision between morally right or wrong. This usually occurs in a situation of conflict of interests in terms of using all available resources that an organization possesses. Moreover, it may be the consequence of wrongfulness or correctness of our deliberate actions).

Ethical dilemmas in businesses can be of various different natures and does not necessarily affect the whole company or masses. Its magnitude varies depending upon the situation that one has to face. For instance, its impact would be small and limited if a company or organization has few workers and is run by two brothers. Imagine that one of the bothers is involved in violating ethical values of the company and purposely ignoring some of his duties. On the other side of the scale is a multinational company, which is exploiting or manipulating its workers and is also involved in conducting child labor or any other immoral activity. The magnitude of its impact in the latter situation would be on a larger scale.

Management of ethical dilemma is very important in terms of business perspective

If these dilemmas are not properly dealt with, then there are possibilities of losing reputation and even the business in worst cases. It can also result in the lack of productivity of staff, which further leads towards overall operational failures or ends up creating catastrophic situation. Therefore, proper management techniques should be applied in order to stop these dilemmas, and if stopping them is not possible then one should try to minimize the effects. Given below are some of the practical ways that can resolve, minimize or totally remove these ill acts from the society or from the business.

  • Implementing code of ethics in business

The first and foremost step that one should consider in order to resolve dilemmas in business is to consult the code of ethics of the organization. If organization does not have clear and concise code of ethics in details, then proper implementation should be made mandatory in order to resolve or avoid ethical dilemmas.

  •  Empowering employees to do right

Empowering employees is another way that can help resolve, manage and avoid ethical dilemmas in business. If employees have power to take decision in terms of correctness, the results will be fruitful.

  • Implementing – do not ignore ethical violations

all necessary measures and actions should be taken in this regard in order to make sure that employees are acting according to the ‘do not ignore’ rule in ethical perspective.

  •  Promote transparency and avoid favoritism

Transparency should prevail in a business setting and favoritism should be avoided. If somebody is caught violating ethical rules of the organization, then actions should be taken regardless of the power or position of that individual, no matter how small or big that person may be.

These are some of the ways that one can resolve, avoid or manage ethical dilemmas in business settings.

For further understanding consider a situation, in which there is a young and energetic engineer who has recently graduated. Soon after graduation he got a job in one of the reputable construction company. He worked with the company showing full dedication and commitment, and as a result he was promoted and was given a construction project to supervise.

He feels proud because of the multimillion-dollar construction project and calls the company contractor for assistance in terms of labor work. Everything was working fine and was going in flow till the completion period of the building (construction project). He was glad and overjoyed because of his achievement and due to the fact that he was appreciated and well-praised by his bosses.

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However, after completion, when he was handed a final bill by the contractor, he noticed that the bill has been increased by the contractor up to great extent. He was furious because of this ill act of a contractor. Therefore, he delayed the sign thinking that he will report this unpleasant incident to his superiors and managers so that they can take actions accordingly.

Upon telling the whole story to his boss he was satisfied because manager called a meeting in order to resolve this issue and to take actions against this act. However, when meeting started things were falling apart because no serious intentions of managers of his company was visible and the other party was also cool and calm as cucumber. In the conclusion both parties agreed that contractor is the real culprit, despite there was little reaction from both sides. Furthermore he was shocked to see the behavior of his bosses as they were not pushing contractor and no ethical consideration was put to practice in this regard.

No results came until next day, when he was called by his boss saying that contractor is urging to split the share. He was then pushed to sign by his boss, which he resisted. Again the meeting ended without having any final decisions. Later another meeting was organized by the officials in order to take decision. He realized that both parties are culprit.

In the end, the engineer has to face pressure from his bosses to sign, but his integrity and moral rightness were forcing him not to sign. He was confused because of pressure from his bosses and from an ethical perspective. This confusion was later resolved as he opt for the signing, killing his moral and ethical values.

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