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Every day, robots are penetrating in more and more spheres of our lives. Specifying the term “robot,” it should be noticed that it is not always a kind of mechanical and (or) electronic device; sometimes, it is a special software installed in the company for doing some mundane procedures. For most people it is not visible because robots do not show up in shops, on the streets, in schools, etc. However, there is a question if such situation is going to change in the near future. Though we do not see robots, they are present invisibly in our everyday life. Robots are used in different spheres of our life such as industry, marketing, inventory, telecommunications, and entertainment. It is clear now that robots are here to stay, and there is an opinion that eventually robots may replace humans in many spheres of their life. One of such is telecommunication, particularly in call centers.

Many companies are using special software, which can be described as “robots,” to answer customers’ incoming calls in call centers. They are sure this may reduce their expenses. It surely does, but is it the kind of service customers really need?

If companies are truly interested in the satisfaction of their clients, they should think twice before replacing human resources with technology. Of course, robots can deal with some issues concerning ordinary simple tasks, but there are questions or problems that no robot can solve, and, in the end, a customer has to apply to a specialist – a human. Some customers really do not mind listening to a robot’s dull explanations and pressing different buttons to get to the interested issue, which might take quite a long time. On the other hand, many are deeply irritated that it is almost impossible to get to the real person and tell the problem to him or her.

Maybe in the future, when software improves to such a level that robots would be able to manage all the problems, react quick, make wise and productive decisions, we will come back to this question again. Thus, in my opinion, robot technology so far cannot fully replace humans in call centers or anywhere else.

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