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In this paper the company’s mission and strategy are put into perspective in relation to internal business processes. The corporate culture is engrained in innovation. According to the SAS Institute Inc. (2010), the company’s philosophy/vision is Stewardship for today, preservation for tomorrow. The objectives of SAS Institute Inc. remain to control the production process. Although SAS Institute Inc. has indirect suppliers, it dominates them and thus overall operations. SAS Institute Inc. operates a closed system where it controls nearly every item in its supply chain. This implies that SAS Institute Inc. has control from designing to retailing. The manufacturing objectives, strategies, policies and programs are implied from the operations that the company employs.

Determining the consistency of the objectives, mission, policies and strategies is challenging. Since SAS Institute Inc. has a mission of uniqueness, the objective of working with partners is critical towards achieving its goals. Apple has adopted a policy to fund its objectives. The company has various strategies to achieve each objective. Hence, it is conclusive that there is consistency. The pursuit of sustainability implies that the company’s goals are consistent with both the internal and external environment (Hertzfeld, 2004).

The extent of operation’s capabilities of SAS is wide-ranging. A big percentage of the company’s operational capabilities are done locally. Given that SAS is a leading company, it is discernible that its level of outsourcing is significant. It is also thought that purchasing is done appropriately. As indicated by complying with environmental regulations, the company has a sustainable framework. The SAS group is product-oriented. This is based on its high levels of automating its production processes. Based on the products it assembles, it seems that the SAS group targets young generation.

Manufacturing services are vulnerable to the national strikes, natural disasters, decline in resources, limitation in suppliers, etc. However, the big size of SAS allows the company to overcome such challenges. At the present time, threats attributable to nationalization have ceased. However, crises, such as an economic downturn, pose challenges to any company, including SAS. Decline in the global economy, as reflected in 2008, has an effect on the companies, since sales are likely to crumble in such difficult times (Young & Simon, 2010).

The case of SAS reflects an efficient and effective production process. The company uses machines in the production process. Nevertheless, people play a key role in the production process. Thus, an appropriate mix is mandatory. Similarly, the company has a support staff that helps the customers on how to attain the best of their products. Given the level of competition in the electronics industry, the SAS Institute Inc. has done considerably well, since it is the world leader in technological gadgets. For a company to continue operations and attain success, it requires that costs are fewer than income. Given that SAS has often posted profits and growth in production, it is conclusive that the company does well relative to the competition in the industry.

Open communication is critical in enhancing the group performance. However, the group dynamics may undermine the extent to which an open communication is effective. For instance, the existing informal groupings among the workers may prevent communication from taking the official path. Regardless of the setbacks that group dynamics would present, the company has taken the following steps in fostering the open communication. The first step in enhancing the open communication is to inform each worker about organizational activities. This requires that one should take time to communicate what is taking place. Secondly, the use of an open door policy is suggested. Having such a policy would allow each person to share whatever ideas he or she has. Thirdly, allowing people to express their ideas is necessary. Such a step would permit each person to raise any concerns that he or she has about the workplace. In the fourth step, no person should be victimized based on the ideas that they raise regarding any issue. Step of this magnitude would promote trust and openness within any organization.

The industry of electrical devices faces several challenges. The first challenge centers on the need to penetrate new markets. It is critical that players in the industry penetrate new markets as market dynamics keep on shifting. Consequently, the industry levels of competition are on the rise. As for the industry participants, they have to work hard in order to keep pace with leading players. This would be in reference to the fact that the industry players would need advanced electrical equipment and high-skilled workers. Again, the aspect of globalization has meant that competition levels have gone beyond national borders. Consequently, keeping pace with international players is a big challenge, especially in accessing the right devices for use. However, before a player like SAS seeks global dominance, it is mandatory to begin by harnessing its internal processes alongside with its mission and vision. Below are various objectives that are inferred.





Prepare an efficient customer service

No. of customers served

Increase the no. by 20%

Put targets for customer service staff

Prepare a motivated workforce

Worker satisfaction levels

Increase no. of satisfied workers by 50%

Advance rewards to the staff

Enhance free flow of information

Degree of sharing information

Increase the degree of information sharing

Encourage information sharing among workers


Relationships to other objectives

The association among the objectives is clear based on the idea that they are geared towards the same goal of attaining the organizational success

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