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Employment laws are basically laws that are meant to keep the peace between employers, their employees, the trade unions as well as the government. This thus means that these laws are some form of mediation or a tool for conflict resolution between any of the above mentioned parties. Thus, when considering employment law as a study topic, the subject of fairness and relevance is very important. Employer-employee relationships are the basis of employment laws in that the laws were specifically formulated to ensure a peaceful co-existence between the two groups of equally important persons. Employers are expected to treat their employees well and vice versa since both are very important to one another as well as to the country’s economy.

Different forms of conflict resolution

Discrimination occurs when an individual is denied employment, promotion or any other benefits at work based on their age, gender, physical disability, sexual orientation or even race. The argument against discrimination covers instances of denied employment or promotion, and even cases of discriminatory termination and constructive discharge.

Arbitration and mediation are both forms of conflict resolution that are vital in handling issues at the workplace. They each have their advantages and need careful consideration by the HR department before settling for a law suit or legal battle. Arbitration is more of a legal procedure without the seriousness of a courtroom whereas mediation is more of facilitation for effective communication and negotiation between the two conflicting parties.

Unions and collective bargaining, on the other hand, are also of such great importance when it comes to dealing with issues that affect both the employer and employees. Rather looking at unions as a negative influence, managers need to embrace the concept of having one body with which to negotiate when it comes to working conditions and workers’ grievances.

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