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The objectives for the public relations Campaign of Kudler’s Food should be geared towards combining the best suitable tools to reinforce a message and to gain a larger mind share of the target audience of the company’s products. Harrison (2000) stated that there are various objectives of the public relations which include “building awareness of the company’s identity to the public and also improve understanding of a company’s area of business” (p.89). The other objective of the public relations campaign at Kudler’s Food can be overcoming poor attitudes to the company’s customers besides explaining corporate philosophy and policies.

The public relations campaign of Kudler’s Food according to Harrison illustrates achievement, enhance the company’s image as an investment and advocate social change useful to the company (p.89). Apart from these objectives the public relations of Kudler’s Food also informs the target groups about issues of importance to the public and to the company its industry or business in general. PR campaigns are also used to provide a unified marketing support for the company’s present and future products, services and capabilities. Harrison said that also public relations are used to communicate the company’s concerns and record of achievement on social or environmental issues besides motivating private shareholders (p.90).

Publics according to Baines, Egan & Jefkins (2004) refers to groups that are deliberately targeted and are those people that are internally and externally with whom an organization communicates with (p.114). Kudler’s Food publics include the community, potential employees, employees, suppliers of goods and services, financial markets, distributors, customers and opinion leaders or formers (p.116). The community consists of the organization neighbors within which the company operates (who live or work close to the company factory, office or store)

The community therefore consists of whoever Kudler’s Food is in contact with. Potential employees include many future employees who live in the vicinity of Kudler’s Food. It is important for Kudler’s Food keep good relations with suppliers of goods and services by listing them among the important publics of the company. Distributors are also another category of publics to Kudler’s Food. The relationship between distributors, public relations and marketing support is very important for Kudler’s Food. Distributors are unlikely to sell the new product in which they do not have confidence with. On the other hand Egan & Jefkins (2004) outlined that customers are the final arbiter of the company’s success. This type of publics is very important to Kudler’s Food as they interact with the products of the company and determine the products success.

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