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Five Star is a consistently growing Driving school Established in 2010. As of 2012, it currently possesses over 200 drivers across the United Kingdom. The package that is available is extremely flexible and as a result can fit into a variety of different lifestyles and other commitments. Training is required: 6-12 months depending on your pace, which costs £900, it is also possible to train at home as well as study classes at your own pace and around your current schedule.

The advantages of Five Star Driving School are:

  • A Five Star Driving School branded headboard and labels for application to your own car
  • An unbeatable range of benefits including a set of 10 free pupils
  • The free phone number for pupils with further inquiries
  • Expert support from the RED Instructor Services team

Salesforce.com Concepts

The main concept which is used by Saleforce.Com online enterprise is the implementation of Customer Relationship Management. The model, which is used in the site, is very convenient for launching in any kinds of business.  The basic concept of CRM (the focus is not on the product, but on the client) has its roots in the past. A classic example is when supermarkets were nonexistent and the bulk of goods were sold through a variety of small shops. Nearby residents bought everything they needed from these shops, not bothering much about traveling for groceries to town. Shop owners knew customers who lived in the neighborhood by their names. They knew their needs, habits, tastes, financial condition, facts of their personal life, etc. They knew who, when, and for what would come to their shops. The business was built on the loyalty of regular customers. Now it would be called personalization.

The implemented system is very close to my own thinking of the model of the perfect business. It doesn’t cause any difficulty in usage, as it is neither a software product nor a technology. The main aim of CRM is to build a sustainable business concept and business strategy with ‘customer-oriented’ approaches at its core. This strategy is based on the usage of advanced management and information technology with which a company can gather information about its clients at all stages of its life cycle (recruiting, retention, and loyalty), draws on the knowledge and uses it in order to benefit its business by building mutually beneficial relationships with them. Its systems appeared when the product was given priority and business processes that ensure its production, such as accounting, control and distribution, were considered to be major. This was the era of automation that was called the ’back office’. This is the main advantage of it.

However, it still has disadvantages. CRM systems are needed in a highly competitive market where the focus is on the client. It won`t be relevant to a small business, just because the small business do not have that much customers. In addition, CRM is a collection of applications related to single business logic, integrated into the corporate information environment of the company (often in the form of an ERP add-on) and based on a single database. Special software allows to automate business processes in marketing, sales, and service. As a result, the company may appeal to the ’needed’ customer at the ’right’ time, with the most efficient offer and through the most convenient channel of customer interaction. In practice, an integrated CRM system ensures coordination between various departments, providing them with a common platform for interaction with customers. From this perspective, CRM is deployed to correct the situation when the departments of marketing, sales and service act independently of each other and their vision of the customer often does not match and the actions are inconsistent. Therefore, not every corporation could implement this system to their business.

The main things that I like about it is that CRM’s functionality includes marketing, sales and service, which correspond to the stage of attraction of the customer, acts of committing a transaction, and after-sales service. From the perspective of business management, the effect of CRM is manifested in the fact that the decision-making process is automatically transferred to a lower level and unified. Due to this, the rate of reaction to requests and the rate of turnover of funds are increasing and the cost is becoming lower, which make it relevant.

Therefore it is the following strategy is very appealingп. It could be definitely used it starting own business as here the focus is made on the customer and the customer is the main chain in any type of business. If the customer is satisfied   – your business would be developed. 

E-Commerce Security

Combining Internet technology, mobile communications and online trading has formed a new creation many new opportunities for the business. Many leaders in the Internet industry benefits painted wireless e-commerce with the most ardent enthusiasm. Thus, according to Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon.com, M-Commerce “will be the weirdest thing of all that I ever saw lack of time exhausted the world”.  Bezos says the wireless Internet will permanently alter the way people shop. The man simply cannot resist the benefits of the new style when he can order the authorities to wait for an appointment with the doctor, and he heard from a friend of an interesting book immediately on the spot and buys it (Durlacher 19). It goes without saying, E-commerce is the new stage in the business development; however, it is developing well in accordance to the natural tendencies. However, it presents not only advantages of the business, but also disadvantages. Firstly, it should be mentioned, that e-commerce has the higher risk of frauds (Woolford 13). Previously CRM system has been introduced. It was agreed on the good influence of implementation of this system in the further development of the business. However, having gathered much information on your customer in the basis it should be created the proper security of this information. The lack of a system for continuous monitoring of employees allows dishonest employees use their position, which gives them admission to the company, to commit burglaries and thefts in it. One should also consider that the business is growing, and with it “thieves” methods become more complicated. The problem of corporate fraud has always stood and will stand sharply, because the employees are not just thieves, but, above all, are those people who know the business inside out. Especially dangerous high-flying crooks are the experts from the circle of top management. Therefore, e-commerce should be carefully secured.

In addition, many companies allow employees to buy their products at cost. It is believed that this is good for the moral and psychological state of employees. Furthermore, it allows them to save money and improve their welfare. The implementation of such schemes lead to abusing, and are associated with the fact that workers who buy many cheap products (ranging from toiletries, food and toys to furniture), easily found their permanent marketing channel, using the fact that the price of the product is much lower than retail. Workers quickly become to see clear benefits of such purchases, and the start to make favors for a family members or friends. As a result much potential customer would buy the products for its cost and the business won`t earn money on that. Therefore it is better to invest money in developing the techniques that would help to control not only the customers, but the workers.

Finally, it is reasonable to have a human moment at work. E-commerce usually do not require to have much eye-to eye contact. Everyone is working on the internet. However, human moment can prevent from the mentioned frauds and will definitely increase the business productivity.

Marketing and Selling on the Web

Marketing is a human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange. Components of marketing are: product, price, marketing, and advertising. Marketing cannot be equated with the sale or promotion. The main benefits of online marketing compared to off-line marketing tools include:

  • wide coverage of the target audience (the globalization of the market);
  • personalized interaction with customers;
  • reduce transaction costs.

Each e-business soon or late should be innovated. Website promotion in search engines is a set of all the marketing activities for the promotion of a site on the Internet to become known resource target audience and customers had to attend. As it has been noticed before, in order to make the customers buy the service or product, the business should have the needed level. In order to achieve that level few steps should be done:

  1. The promotion of a site (link building base);
  2. Optimizing the site for search engines;
  3. Advertising on the Internet;
  4. Surveys, support for communication with clients (the organization of effective customer feedback, quick study of their needs);
  5. Continuous support site, search engine optimization, and monitoring the effectiveness of its functioning;
  6. Changes in marketing plans in line with the changing situation.

The first step that would be appropriate in resolving the mentioned issues is site promotion, In particular, it is registration in search engines and specialized directories, link exchanges, paid links to popular Web-server, in order to increase the credibility of the resource, is specifying e-mail addresses and Web-site addresses of all advertisements. In addition, online advertisement should be always in the process of constant development and innovations. Internet advertising site is a range of services aimed at both the active involvement of the audience to the site, and the formation of a positive image of the company. Online advertising includes: banner ads (the target and image); and contextual advertising (for example, advertising on Google, advertising Begun, Yandex);

In addition, Internet marketing include: direct marketing and direct marketing, Network marketing or network marketing (Chaudhury Kuilboer 18). In order to promote products on the Internet it is reasonable to use direct marketing, as it provides maximum efficiency and selectivity of action. It involves creating a customer database and organization of this database to personalize the customer relationship management (direct mail, personalized personal selling, and so on). Due to implementation of the CRM system it will be effective to send the customers the news, for example when is going to be a sale or when the products will have the discounts. Furthermore, m-commerce can be widely used to congratulate the customers with their birthdays and present them with the special discounts.

Ethical Considerations

Internet as a tool of advertising is very different from traditional advertising media not only because of its properties, but also of the applied approach. Before considering the issues related to the ethics of Internet advertising, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of Internet communication. Accordingly Internet ethics differ from, for example, business ethics, where most of the communication is personally. It should be emphasized that the Internet ethics is still only at the stage of its development and formation, involving the problems of more and more users, service representatives (called “providers”) (Mayer Berger 15) whole social groups and strata, and finally the government itself. Building a chain of elements of network ethics should rely on conventional morality, of course, be extrapolated to its age especially the Internet. E- Advertisement must disclose the relevant facts and the truth, if these issues are ignored, business could mislead the consumer. It is appropriate here to mention that each Internet advertisement has a need for reservations. The advertising posters or screen in a smaller font indicates that the price per minute of connection does not extend to all tariff plans. Despite the fact that these techniques can in principle be treated as consumer fraud, they are still used in the advertisement has been for many years. Promotional claims must be supported by evidence. In the advertisement should be avoided the false and unsubstantiated claims about a competitor, its products or services. Advertising does not have to switch the attention of customers to another product. It should avoid statements of prices that are false or misleading, as well as statements about the economy without evidence of its reality. In addition it should avoid statements, illustrations, hints and subtexts that are contrary to good taste and offensive to public decency position. In addition to these rules it can be mentioned the advertisements without proof, when advertising persuades consumers that cures for cancer or leukemia, or that hair styling mousse for hair hold, even during heavy rain. In general, Internet advertising should follow the rules and criteria set out above. However, there are some nuances that need to be emphasized. The first thing to talk about is spam. Sending individual letters is very effective, but sometimes can be unethical. The main problem is the collecting addresses of people who can be potentially interesting for the company (Sheffelmaer Vinsonhaler 24. However, some advertisers use forced dispatch.

This phenomenon primarily includes (Smith 7):

  • A mass mailing e-mail messages to users, who do not wish to receive such correspondence, and no matter whether it is commercial advertising or useful;
  • Individual messages, the subject of which has no direct relationship to the recipient.

In addition, with respect to other Internet services, in this category it can be included such actions as: subscription rights to the mailing list without their knowledge or desire, in a conference room or guest book messages are not related to a particular subject or message, is direct advertising if it is not allowed to set the rules there. The attitude of most Internet users to the process of sending information to the enforcement is extremely negative (Ulfelder 76). Therefore, the usage of any one of the following methods, as a tool of advertising and Internet marketing, are very unethical. Besides the fact that such advertising violates network abuse and can cause a barrage of negative criticism, it has low efficiency, and often simply harms the advertiser. It has been established that the negative reaction to the ads with eases and can go directly to the advertised product.

Only if the mentioned principles of ethic would not be abused by the business, its owners can be sure that their business can be introduced to at national or global level. Following the principles of ethics would give for the owner of the business the possibility to have fair competition and social responsibility to the customers. In addition, only in that case the business would be in the line with Fair Business.


To conclude, e-commerce is widely used in providing different types of the services for the customers online. The main advantage of it is the possibility of using an individual approach to every single customer. In addition, due to e-commerce, it is much easier to have access to potential customers all over the world. The rapid growths of e-business and e-commerce have become the basis for the emergence of internet marketing (online marketing). Internet marketing tools are significantly different from traditional marketing tools. Service Internet providers highly used Customer Relationship Management in their service. Customer Relationship Management is a new strategy in the modern business, which main principle is client orientation. Moreover, it has been proved that the result of accepting the strategy by the companies was the constant increase of the company’s competitiveness and profit. The unique strategy underscores the facts that close relationship with each individual customer based on personal approach helps attract new customers as well as keep the existing ones. CRM systems are needed in a highly competitive market where the main focus is the customer. The main task of CRM systems is to improve the efficiency of business process, as well as to attract and retain customers in marketing, sales, service and maintenance, regardless of the channel through which the contact with the client is established. Nevertheless many CRM provides many advantages; it should be taken to consideration e-commerce security, in particular the information about the customer. In addition, e-business should have established and developed marketing management. It has been analyzed that business site should be in the constant process of development, in order to attract its customers. Finally, ethical issues are very important in e-business. It was evaluated that nevertheless spam is known to be an effective way of advertising, it not worth spoiling the e-business reputation. Therefore, in order to be sure that the mentioned e-business can be introduced at the national level, ethical issues should be followed.

Therefore, the future predictions are as follows: if the e-business would implement CRM system with the high level of Internet Security, does not abuse the ethical rules and all the time develop its site and business itself, it would have many changes to be successful.

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