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Kellogg’s Company used the multiplatform campaign in order to reach the huge target audience. This approach was developed with purpose to “speak” with the different target audience by the usage of the complex of methods that would help to persuade majority of the product users. This method gave ability to the Kellogg’s to target different audiences in different places and at different time. It also made possible for the company to develop continuous communication with people.

Online and digital technologies are the most popular sphere for people to communicate, to search for the needed information, to find the answers for the needed question and to solve the problem. Therefore, one of the benefits of the multiplatform campaign for Kellogg’s was the support of people. That support was gained through the discussion in the social media website, company’s website and the intranet in order to encourage employees.

Face-to-face format of communication can be very helpful tool that helps to transmit needed contexts, to give audience personalized information and allow them to receive feedback.

Choose two audiences of Kellogg’s campaign, shown in the case study and identify which media you think would be particularly effective for getting the messages across to them, explaining why.

There are two main audiences for the Kellogg’s campaign and products. They are children and their parents. Children influence their parents to make the purchase they want. Therefore, children should be encouraged by the company to use its products. The best way to persuade them is to develop successful message and show it through the television for children. This message should be shown with the bright and interesting advertisements during the TV shows for children.

Adult audience should be targeted through the Internet resources, like blogs, special websites. Parents worry about their children’s health, therefore this advertising campaign should be developed with the specific message that Kellogg’s food is very healthy and nutritious. These advertisements would simplify the decision making process.

Therefore, company should focus on the creation of special adverts for children and their parents through the most effective distribution channels.

Internet and social media channel – for which Kellogg’s target audience is this channel suitable and why? What other activities could they do using this channel?

Internet and social media channels are the biggest resource to promote Kellogg’s performance that influences the biggest target audience of the company. It influences the audience of parents, who are searching for the products that can make their children healthier and give the needed portion of the nutrition. This channel of communication faces the teachers and school administration audience. This information can influence this audience and persuade them to support the Kellogg’s campaign.

Nowadays the Internet and the social media are the most frequently used channels, where the needed information is searched. People are communicating there and share their experience of the different product usage and problems solving. Therefore, this marketing and distribution channel has one of the greatest potential. It is the one that will find huge support of the audience with the required communication channels usage. This method also is one of the cheapest in the marketing campaign development.

The results of the breakfast clubs performance will be also highly discussable in the Internet and social websites. This communication channel will always give the most relevant information about the product and how it influences children’s health that would make people confident about the Kellogg’s. This experience would also show the importance of eating nutritious  food and living the healthy way of life. Internet and social websites resources usage helps to inform people about the product, to persuade them to take part in the discussion and to develop the brand image of the company at the same time.

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