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The paper is addressing the concept of business process modeling. Business process modeling entails the acquisition and capture of a set of responsibilities that analyze the functional behavior of a certain system. It also entails the capturing of accurate operational behavior and the associated process constraints. According to the concept of business process modeling, all processes, whether manual or automated, must have a certain level of operational or behavioral constraint. The constraints range from expectations on process performance, constraints facing policies and policy implementation, and security controls.

Main Body

This paper contributes to the knowledge bank on business process modeling by giving a detailed analysis of the components of business process modeling, the constraints that face business modeling procedures, and how organizations can deal with the challenges in a strategic manner. Process modeling looks at both the functional and non-functional characteristics of a business. However, it is a complex process to capture the non-functional characteristics of a business because such a process puts emphasis on the functional behavior of the business.


The paper also suggests alternatives to of creating models of business processes. The suggestions include the operating condition, which represents, constraints to a business and the control case, which acts as the solution on how to mitigate the risk facing the operational constraints. These two approaches of business modeling allow the user to include all the characteristics of a business process in the early days of the development life cycle of the business. This process allows the formulation of a model that represents the entire business process of a company or business.

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