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California state university offers exemplary services in terms of meals. This is achieved through the presence of dining services with their diverse selection of meals from the various catering units in the campus. It is quite convenient that there are a number of the dining services that cater for the inhabitants at hand. To cater for the large number of students there is a number of restaurants, which offer various cuisines. The Food Court includes The Fresh Kitchen, Togo’s Sandwiches, Panda Express, Juice It Up, Round Table Pizza Pronto and The Cup. This is a branched business that curbs time wasting and disorder during meal time. I love system of organization in these dining areas as they provide a wide selection of nutritionally valuable food for students. The fact that they are spread all around university territory shows that this service is easily available. The Food Court is located in the Students Union of the university while Round Table Pizza Pub and Garden Café are situated in the underground. Cafeteria offers fast and efficient services because the meals are served as the customer arrives at the counter unlike the systems that serve the food first. It is sometimes unexpected for one to become hungry, but this system works on a specified time schedule thus meals could be taken at any time.

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In the admission to this renowned institution, there are details on how the campus provides meals to the students so other measures are irrelevant. For example, we see that Togo’s, a part of Food Court, offers a great variety of sandwiches with the freshest ingredients. Apart from the common known combination, the cafeteria provides a wide choice of compounds of salads and respective delicious sauces. Togo’s insists on small percentage of meat on the menu, and the quality of the products is not in doubt. It is vital that every meal bought in the restaurant meet the standards of the buyer; this is a policy held by Togo’s. Another important aspect is that Togo’s has a distinct cooler that creates some popular items for the campus students. Open from nine in the morning on weekdays the cafeteria runs the service until seven in the evening except Fridays when it closes at two pm. It is quite disappointing that during the weekends Togo’s does not offer any catering services.

It is crucial to correspond with proper nutritional measures as it is imperative both for growth and development (Walker, 10). Eating only snacks constantly means a poor diet resulting in health problems. The Fresh Kitchen is a contemporary concept that is propelled towards a healthy lifestyle, which is realized by their delicious menu. The breakfast alternatives here are wide: from such favorites like Muesli and Potato Fries to organic foods. It should be noted that Fresh Kitchen serves vegetarian cuisine that is appreciated by a great number of students. This trend does not go against its tag line that states “Where Healthy Meets Delicious”. Just looking through their menu could make any person mad about their unique and delicious meals. Panda Express’s chefs are famous for making one-of-a-kind entrees like the Tango Orange Chicken. Chinese meals are also offered in Panda Express where all the guests feel comfortable catering.

The fact that Chinese food is not a common thing to find in cafeterias, I had to find out the reasons by sampling responses. All the essential information I found in the center from one of the chefs. Talking about the skills in making Chinese food appeared too difficult to achieve. The whole process seemed a little cumbersome for me, though I heard the shade of joy and passion in his voice. The head chef said that he has been in this business for a long time, and he controls the whole cooking process. “In the preparation of these famous meals, dexterity and precision are crucial,” he said. According to his firm conviction, the art of cooking Chinese food is a treasure. I decided even to take a bite of this marvel, and I fell for it. With this information from the staff, I could actually tell that students attribute themselves to a certain type of food. The chef even showed me the variety of Chinese meals especially the Kung Pao Chicken.

The investigation of the popular California state cafeteria service led me to the high quality pizzas that are served at Round Table Pizza Pronto. One can find here a great variety of flavors from pepperoni or cheese to mushrooms or green peppers. It should be mentioned that these service providers do a lot to sell their products, for instance at Round Table one can find an advertisement on price reduction on a particular item despite the general subsidized price.

Students were interviewed to found out information that directly depicts their disappointment more than appreciation; but it was really essential. I had to find out which restaurants students evaluate with respect. It was obvious that solid information could only be obtained from the senior students. The head student of engineering department offered to give a proper account of the cafeteria system in the campus and its improvements. He gave quite a detailed and very satisfying interview. He says that he is glad the university is keen on improving their living standards and offering proper services generally. “There was a time when there were only three dining areas in the campus, struggles and fighting was as a result of inadequate resources.” A large population demands enough resources, and gladly this is true for the present student population at California University. He states that the most delicious meals are from this campus.

It is quite true; having eaten at many hotels or restaurants I should say that none can match up to Food Court. It is this unique food achievement that created the students dedication and commitment in getting meals from the school’s dining centers. The interviewed student pointed out that all those skilled and diligent chefs get their experience from a long and tiresome study in the field.

The need for handmade and not processed food is an essential in all population set ups (Walker, 13). At Baja Fresh Express eating well is their way of life and also state of the mind; here it is believed that everything that is made with passion is made by hand. Their slogan is “Eat well. Live fresh.” The followers of Baja Fresh Express believe that the life should be full of variety, positive energy and zest in comparison to other things. Nutritionists would agree fully with the fact, of course being backed up by their scientific researches, that hand made food is more nutritional than processed food. My interview with engineering student also showed that majority of the students is content with their dining areas with minimal complaints. He said, “We do not have an excuse of not studying hard now but the school and parents have done their part.” With such remarks, the school is attributed to have done marvelously in meeting students’ concerns.

California State University has got the best cafeteria service that is obvious from the rigorous research done on the subject. Information sampled from both the students and staff shows that there is appreciation for the institution’s efforts on the subject. It was unique to see that students or employees rarely show any kind of prejudice. It should be noted that generally the staff working in all the dining areas maintained a strong rapport with both the students and administration. It was expected that gathering this information would meet hindrances but, on the contrary, there was a smooth and comfortable co-operation. When the authorities do not perform their duties, they traditionally intend to hide the causes and go on with their activity leaving the public in dismay. Whereas these institutions are appreciated for its outstanding dedication and they should move forward on this path.

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