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Nowadays, large-group face-to-face meetings have become an issue of discussion for many businessmen. The importance of face-to-face meetings and events in creating strong relationships in the business world is evident. With the advent of technology and the Internet, and the economic problems that most corporations are facing today, large face-to face meetings are not so easy to provide among the participants. In the present economy, most meetings have been held virtually, which is price and time-consuming. Today, many analysts come to the conclusion that virtual meetings cannot be so effective like face-to-face meetings. Therefore, the need to provide large-group face-to-face meetings is rising. They are considered to be the best option in creating strong relationships, positive emotional climate and achieving business success.

The research shows that attendees in different online meetings, which were so popular during the recent years, do not feel so happy about virtual interaction. Most of them are prone to return to traditional face-to-face meetings where they can communicate with each other during coffee breaks or simply make conversations with each other. While many companies are turning to technology and give preferences to virtual meetings, many executives demonstrate that despite the greatest investments into large face-to-face meetings, they would have a great return. According to the research, face-to-face meetings is the best option to creating personal relationships, achieving business goals, inspiring positive emotions and capturing attention. 

Based on the research of scientific data, face-to-face is the most effective tool to capture people`s attention, which is a limited resource. Face-to-face meetings create new environment, experience and information that wakes up people`s brain and allow them to see things from a new perspective. It is difficult to capture people`s attention in the virtual environment. Positive emotional climate of face-to-face meetings is, actually, their main benefit. People feel more enthusiastic and appeal to their emotions during face-to-face meetings. Positive emotional climate is a powerful resource, which is as real as money, physical labor or knowledge. Research has confirmed that large face-to face meetings are a powerful tool to inspire and motivate people. There are many examples when business leaders use face-to-face meetings to create a positive emotional climate in their organizations. They understand that when their employees are happy, they may make their customers happy. This positive attitude may give great results in achieving business goals and expectations.

According to the research, relationships and human networks are more important than information and resources. Regular face-to-face meetings facilitate better human networks and relationships. Those organizational leaders, who specialize in large face-to-face meetings, are helping to change the future. They create different environments where attendees may interact with each other making new friends, sharing information and experience. Active participants in face-to-face meetings are more creative and innovative, which makes greater contribution to their work and business success.

Considering the information mentioned above, it is worth mentioning that event management companies and organizations are considered to be one of the strategic tools in arranging face-to-face meetings. They design and organize press conferences, product launches, corporate meetings and marketing programs among others. Many analysts predict that face-to-face meetings will dominate over virtual interaction in the future. People`s desire to communicate in different setting is getting stronger lately. It looks like most of them have been losing interest in online interaction. In my opinion, this tendency is observed among people from different backgrounds, not only from the business world.

To summarize, large face-to-face meetings have become of the keen interest in the business world. This is a result of people`s desire to communicate personally, create positive emotional climate and build strong relationships. Research has confirmed that this tendency is supposed to develop in the future. 

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