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It has taken quite some time since we parted ways back at home. Cousin John is doing quite well here in Rome. In fact I came to realize that he owns very many business organizations which run so well and effectively. He operates various businesses enterprises and has employed very many people. It is so interesting how he made so many friends within three years.

This letter is designed to help you understand the experiences I am going through here in Rome. When we first arrived, I was rather afraid to go outside the house, since I didn’t know anyone. Besides, I was told that the municipal council restricted people from loitering without anything specific job to do. This was to curb idleness in the city with an intention to make everyone productive. In fact, I saw the police yesterday when we went out with Cousin John. They were placed strategically all over the town and were conspicuously dressed in yellow uniforms.

On the other hand, I was informed by Cousin John that they randomly ambushed people to check on the legitimate citizens in Rome. They do not inspect with intentions of spying, however to ascertain who is doing what and for how long. The businesses owners have to be issued with licenses that expire after duration of one year. Licenses are issued to all types of businesses including the small scale. This is very different from what happens in Ephesus.

The business enterprises like the one Cousin John owns are registered as chain business although different operations because he owns them all. Another fascinating feature is that all employees regardless of their job description need to have uniforms. The uniforms must be unique in color and should have the business logo. I found this being interesting since it offers all employees a status quo. The name of each staff is written on a badge that they hang on the chest. I really liked this. Therefore you can be sure that Rome is a distinct place and from which our country can borrow ideas. 

On my side, life is so sweet due to the very many exploits in all aspects of consideration. After touring the business enterprises in town with John, I got an opportunity to tour other places within and without municipality. One thing I have come to realize is that there are very many differences as pertaining to mode of life in Ephesus and Rome. I noted differences right from the town center setup, the construction of buildings, structure of roads and the education system.

Being in Rome has been associated with various domestic tours within the region. Most of these tours have brought much enlightenment in my life. There are very many new things that I have learnt since my arrival. Of much importance is that yesterday I had an opportunity to attend a Roman spectacle. Being my first time to attend, I was extremely excited.

The Roman spectacle comprised of the animal shows which are violent and cruel as per to the modern standards. In as much as there was incorporation of modern standards, traditional aspects of displays were also shown in the spectacle. Some of the traditional shows included tragedies, musical competitors and comedies. In the roman spectacle, there were also grand public performances. The public citizens came in large numbers to attend and take part in such an exciting event.

The first activity in the spectacle was the gladiatorial show which took place for quite a long time. Gladiatorial shows constituted of major fights involving violent confrontations. It actually came to my attention that most of the attendants do not fear any of the violent shows. Most of those who stepped in to participate in the gladiatorial risked their lives so as to take part. The show further included the fight with animals such as bull fighting among many others. Various gladiatorial shows comprised of plays which made me feel so afraid at the scenarios created by these actions.

The next form of excitement which I realized from the show constituted of the execution. The aspect of execution brought in the Roman spectacle caused more fear in me in as much as it was just in a movie.  Although the whole occurrence was not practical, it was very thrilling to see. I was so frightened because I imagined what it would have been like if all that was taking place in the actual executions.  Cousin John was not at all surprised about all these since he explained to me all the happenings.

There was also a scene involving artificial sea battle. This is where a model of sea was staged in a room and people models designed to fight in it. A scenario about the sea fight was very interesting as well. The sea fighters were all in their respective battle clothing each carrying the right weapons. For me being in the battle experience as the first time, there was much surprise in absolutely everything.

The whole spectacle was very interesting and made my day very exiting and momentous. I reached home so tired however still happy and not showing the fatigue on my face because of the experience. Although I was extremely excited, I felt very lonely since you were not with me in this tour. This then means that it would have been better if you accompanied me.

 Another aspect that I have found out since I came to Rome is that there are many differences between this place and home. The first difference is that the temperatures here in Rome are relatively lower than it is in Ephesus. Sister, you know that the temperatures at Ephesus are relatively warmer than these at the roman land.

 The first day I arrived made me feel severe cold. I initially did not know that there would be such temperature differences. Therefore I did not carry adequate clothing to keep me warm. This being a different way of dressing Cousin John made arrangements to purchase me some clothes to keep me warm. This is however an unforgettable experience since I am now sure I can cope up with any environmental changes.  

The other splendid thing I found was with the type of foods presented to us. After the spectacle we visited a roman hotel in the town. I expected to find familiar food but I did not. It was to my amazement that the waiters did not comprehend the name of the food mentioned. I went ahead to place my order instead of letting Cousin John do it on my behalf. He later confided to me that he was testing my intellect. However I failed the test by exposing my naivety in a new land. He said this as he made fun of me while in the house as we reviewed the day’s experiences.

Moreover, I realized that most of their foods in the hotels are more of organic whole foods. I longed to eat a pie but what they had was a simple omelet. I rejected it due to unfamiliarity however later enjoyed it after John informed me of its nutrition importance. Generally most of their protein foods are not interesting to look at as they are not refined. The advantage about such foods I was informed is that they are fully nutritious.

Sister, I will carry some of their grains to plant on our coast soil. I also purposed to learn their cooking methods so that I can practice cooking at home as Romans do. I hope my parents and you all will enjoy. The milk here is acquired directly from the farms and sold fresh in the hotels. Packed foods are rare and it would be funny if they found anyone purchasing milk in packets.

Nonetheless, let it not seem like I am fully absorbed by the Roman culture. As you know Ephesus is one of the grandest imperial cities among others. The magnificent buildings in Ephesus have no competing structures in all the towns in Rome. The houses in Ephesus have been constructed uniquely and I am proud of them.

Although like I earlier mentioned, the architectural arrangement is completely different, the building materials in Ephesus are much stronger. Being at the coast, the bricks need to be water resistant to prevent water penetration. Therefore I am sure the Romans can also appreciate Ephesus if they visited us.

As I pen off, I would appreciate a feedback about the progression of the business we started. Please tell me if the sales records are improving or constant. Let me know if you may need any extra cash to add up more stock. I have been challenged by the entrepreneurial ability cousin John posses. I am encouraged to stay here longer and am sure that patience pays. We shall not reduce our business target rather there is need to be careful of loopholes. Again if the long term goal is unrealistic, we need to split it into achievable short term goals.

My visit to Rome may be extended so that I learn a little from Cousin John. So you should expect me to be more informed on business and I promise to apply all skills into our own. Pass regards to our parents and inform them of my extended visit period. When I am ready to come I will communicate.  I pray that God keep all of you till we get together.

Thanks a lot sister.

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