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My Unexpected Ethical Class

Introduction People exaggerate sometimes to either make some stories funny or insist on a point. However, if these exaggerations are not humorous, then they are said to be off-line punchlines. A running gag may also be made, and it takes the form of an amusing comical joke. On the other hand, unexpected truth is the […]

Active-Passive Voice in a Humorous Narrative

Active and Passive Voice Active and passive voice are grammatical devices employed in communication. The active voice is largely considered preferable to the passive, although the latter may be desirable in certain instances. These include when one wants to emphasize the actor’s action when tactically avoiding to name the actor, or when the actor is […]


Vitamins are low molecular organic compounds that are essential for normal functioning of the human body. Vitamins are biocatalysts of chemical reactions in the body that occur during the construction and upgrading of living tissues, and the regulation of metabolism. Vitamins are neither building material nor energy source. However, in spite of this, the normal […]

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is the plantation home of the first president of the United State of America. It is located in Fairfax County, Virginia near Alexandria. It contains a mansion built in the modern classical Georgian style. The mansion is and the whole estate is located on the banks of Potomac River. When George Washington’s father […]

Police in Switzerland

“Switzerland was not a police state because, being so well run by the people acting as democratic communities, it had no need to be one”. Nowadays the situation did not change. Switzerland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Due to the federal structure of the country and the sovereignty of the […]

What Is Poverty?

Poverty is defined as a lack or shortage of resources and opportunities, which causes the inability of a person to participate well in social matters. It is a problem that diminishes the dignity of a person. Poverty encompasses the failure of access to basic needs and a decent life. It also entails inaccessibility to better […]

Carlsbad Restaurant

The Carlsbad Restaurant in California is located within a well-conserved area, obviously citing a commendable local government and an effort from the restaurant management. The complimentary parking space offers customers a convenient way to park their cars without incurring extra charges. The restaurant has a façade bears a sign boards of a bull with a […]

Example of Ancient Greek Painting

Ancient Greek painting from the most ancient times till the decline of Ellas could be considered as those which are closely connected with other types of art. The unity of depiction and material pattern in the painting, as well as the sound and word in poetry, reveal essential feature of ancient Greek culture, which is […]

Bjork and Rihanna

Music has been around for thousands of years. It touches people’s soul  and gets the best or worst out of them. Every generation has its own musical preferences. Being comparatively young, I prefer listening to modern music such as pop, rock or rap. The music and creativity of one such vocalist caught my interest due […]

Developing Self

Developing self for career development involves the process of clarifying personal values through discovering of the relationship between career aspirations and personal interest, work style, career values and skills. Self-assessment is exceedingly essential in the process of self-development and should be conducted periodically. Since personal interests and aspirations changes over time as a person learn […]

Whta is Terrorism?

Terrorism has become one of the major vices that have threatened security in many countries especially the developed countries. The antiterrorism policies in the beginning had been set to mostly cater for the political violence that was too much in Northern Ireland and the Irish communities which are in Britain. With time the policy has […]

Police Brutality

Mostly all of us stick to a conception that the police are the structure responsible for defending us in case of a threat to our human, political or civil rights. These are people whose duty is to fight against the violence in the world. The paradox is that sometimes their actions are even more aggressive […]

The Last Word: I’m no Decider

The writer Shine did an outstanding job with his experiment, however, after reading the description of his “adventures”, I cannot stop but talk about all the dangers such behavior entangles. But before I will do it, I want to depict my own experience of Mr. Shine’s decision-making way. During two days I tried to forget […]

Early Adolescence

People’s aging is a complicated process which no one can actually avoid as it tackles not only physiological aspects but also psychological. With each coming year a person comes closer to the end of his or her life as well as gains more experience and, correspondingly, changes. However, not all years are as problematical as […]

Africa and Asia

Africa is the second largest continent after Eurasia. Its area covers 29.2 million square kilometers and 30.2 million square kilometers along with the islands that lay off its coast. As of 2011, more than 1 billion people live in Africa. In the west, Africa is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, in the north – by […]


Bureaucracy has a tendency to degenerate into an oligarchy. It is a form of government, in which power is vested in a limited number of people: rich, military and officials. The first such regularity was discovered and analyzed by the German sociologist, economist and historian, one of the founders of political sociology Robert Michels, who […]

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