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I recall an average cupcake that I baked for my mom’s birthday at the age of 12. It made me so proud of myself because my mother really liked it! It was the most vivid memory of food in my childhood.  I decided to choose a culinary profession when I was studying at high school. At that time I used to come home stressed and tired after studies, and when I tasted some delicious food, made by my mom of just ordinary ingredients, it enforced me to forget about all my problems and worries. The thing that sparked the moment was the amazing smell of vanilla and cinnamon when I helped my mom to bake a pie for a family dinner. That smell brings up an association with comfort and tranquility; thus, I chose to share it with lots of people and make them happier.

While growing up, I had some traditional desserts, such as cheesecake, chocolate pie with whipped cream, caramel apples, cranberry pudding, pumpkin pie, and others. I am very excited to eat smoked turkey with apples for Thanksgiving, and I often cook it myself for my family. Besides, I like to make shortcakes with seasonal fruits, different types of cookies, chocolate pie, and so on.

If I decide to have my Birthday party at home, I will be in charge of making the dinner, including baking desserts. Depending on the number of guests, I may ask my mom for help with cooking. If I choose to dine out at my Birthday with some friends, I would order an Italian dessert Tiramisu that is one of my favorite.

I would like to invite Oprah Winfrey for a dinner if I had such a chance. She seems to be a very sincere and optimistic person who can really cook and enjoy food, unlike most skinny Hollywood celebrities. I would ask her if there are some things that she still wants to accomplish.  Most likely I would make a lime pie with whipped cream for Oprah, and I am sure she would have enjoyed it.

The best meal I ever ate was grilled lobster with ginger. It was mouthwatering with a unique taste due to spices. Once, I have ordered an Italian minestrone soup at the café. It was the worst meal I have ever had since it seemed like they have put a piece of everything they had in the kitchen into this soup. It was definitely made not according to the recipe and tasted awful.

My main goal is to become a successful professional in the food industry and give people the pleasure of tasting not only delicious but also healthy food. In order to achieve this goal one should be proactive, creative, self-organized, have good learning abilities and an exquisite taste. My dream as a chef is to have my own fusion cuisine restaurant with culinary masterpieces made according to my own recipes from unique and the most quality ingredients from all over the world as well as from traditional ones.

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