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Every human desires decent and comfortable place to live in. People’s way of life is diverse. It is from this basis that I also have to evaluate, considering my terms and needs, the right choice of an apartment that favors me the best. This evaluation will give me a comprehensive knowledge of the importance of moving to the other apartment not just because it seems better but with enough proof of its suitability.

I am a student living in a small city called Edmond. I am faced with many different challenges, some of which are common and can be easily avoided, for instance, being late to school and others of natural matter, such as flooding. In addition, some are unpredictable misfortune. Since most of the challenges and problems are in one way or another connected with my place of living, I definitely get a solution if I am to consider changing my apartment. I have chosen an apartment to which I intend to move. My choice of the apartment was based on several factors of evaluation as discussed.


My current apartment is located just outside the central business district of the city. The city’s commercial activities are on a 24-hour basis and this translates to non-stop activities yearly. In as much as the government and environmental policy bodies try to enforce laws to regulate the harmful emissions from the motorcade and small businesses around that are hazardous to both the environment and human, their effort do not yield as air pollution escalates ceaselessly day in day out. As a result, the air around these apartment buildings is smelly and uncomfortable. Moreover, the ever noise coming from vehicles hooting and people merchandizing rarely gives one comfort to listen to one’s mind or do studies in peace of mind. Contrary to these awful conditions, the potential apartment is located at the outskirts of the city that is quieter and has less pollution. The new place is located in a serene area which offers many opportunities that I am lacking in the present apartment. I prefer new apartment’s surrounding as it provides favorable environment for my studies and likeliness of contracting airborne diseases is greatly reduced.


Given that, the apartment is located near the heart of the city, it poses many threats to security and since the city is growing, the population of the people increases causing security levels to drop gradually. Regardless the time of the day, one may be easily attacked and robbed, mostly when you use short cuts behind the buildings or when moving in the large clouds of people in the city. There is a need to live in more secure apartment with less or no threats to life or property. The idea of being attached when late disturbs my heart, and in order to avoid living in fear, it is better to move on to the other apartment.

Social Amenities

The apartment, which I consider better to move to, has adequate and satisfactory social services. From the previous research on the apartment, I established that it has few interruptions to electricity as there is no threat of power surge, in contrast to the previous apartment. The low population in this apartment building ensures minimal competition over resources such as water. There is a sense of togetherness and respect among the people thereby making the social hall a nice place to spend one’s time. Hygienic standards are strictly observed. There are also additional privileges of people who live here, for example, one is helped to relocate his or her belongings to the apartment. When I compare it to my current apartment, I have another good reason to move.


The rental cost of my current apartment is cheaper compared to the new apartment. Even though my objective is to spend less, I may be forced to move to the new apartment on the basis of the following. I often use other means of lighting during time of black out which is an expense on my part. I frequently pay willing people to do cleaning around my apartment which is also an additional cost. Moreover, sometimes I pay a neighbor to keep an eye on my door to avoid cases of burglary. Summing up the extra expenses, it is observed that there is a very small difference in the rental cost of the two apartments. Since the new apartment offers better opportunities, it becomes the ultimate choice.

Communication and Transportation

The high population in my current apartment building results into long traffic jams which make it difficult to manage time, especially when you are to rush somewhere during either early or late peak hours. Again, public telephone lines are either not functioning or have trails of people always waiting to use them, which often makes communication difficult when one does not have a mobile phone. On the other hand, the new apartment is served with good network of infrastructure, improved and well-managed communication systems. Communication and transportation is vital in the daily life for me, hence the best should always be chosen.


In conclusion, based on the evaluation made, the advantages of moving to the new apartment taking into account the factors discussed above, far outweighs those of the current apartment. The new apartment is therefore better. I have enough reasons to move to the new place since it offers the best services and makes life enjoyable and worth living.

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