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The need to help the community has remained one of my biggest areas of focus since I started schooling. Just like other notable personalities such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Microsoft and Facebook respectively among others, coming up with projects, which benefit the society, is crucial as it raises their standards of living. After completing my MiM program at the London Business School, I envision myself running a B2B enterprise in China, something along the lines of eBay. Just like eBay, a consumer-to Consumer Corporation based in the U.S. (eBay Inc., 2012), I will be able to run one of the largest online auction as well as shopping website in China. This way, I will enable more than 1.3 billion people from China as well as other parts of the world, to buy and sell their produce, thus raising their disposable incomes. Currently, I own and operate a humour website that is fully supported by advertising revenue, where we work with a team of journalist and website programmers. Working with journalists and programmers has significantly helped me to learn useful tips on how to maintain a good website, which has one of the best search engine optimizer, user friendly navigations, quality photographs among others aspects, thus being able to reach the targeted audience. Further, the process of building this business from the initial concept stage to where we are a self-sufficient, profitable team has taught me a great deal that will help me as I move toward my larger vision.

It is clear that, in our current business, there has been the failure to utilize the ever-growing number of potential customers, who are using the internet to conduct their businesses. In my ad-supported homour website, we only attract a few customers. Consequently, the number of advertisers in our company has reduced as a result of low traffic, thus reducing profitability. For instance, e-bay, founded in 1995, has been able to attract traffic, thus higher profitability. For instance, in 2011, the company had a net income of $3.229 billion and over 62 million registered users, transacting more than 18,000 categories of goods ranging from antiques to toys (eBay Inc., 2012). The other challenge, which we face, is the lack of participating in social activities, such as education tours among others. The social activities would significantly market our website, hence more income.

By participating in social activities, such as clean-up exercises and educating poor children in China, B2B Company will significantly acquire large customer base, thus higher sales revenues. My current social network provides me with the foundation I need to expand it into the area where I want my business to prosper. My peers from the London Business School, where I currently study, the vast group of acquaintances I have made through entrepreneurship and technology clubs, my peers from studying at the Russian university HSE, and my father’s business partners from China, comprise my current network. One of the main challenges facing B2B Company is the lack of peers that are parallel to me, in terms of age and experience, within China. This group of peer is crucial in a new business environment, as it will help my business to optimally expand. Using forums as well as face-to-face mixers and other events in China, I plan to use introductions from my father’s business partners to help me get started, and then to use my own experience and abilities to bring my network to fruition. The ultimate goal is a B2B enterprise in China that will allow me to meet all of my personal and professional goals for success as well as helping the community in which I operate. 

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