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In recent times, water has become the bond of contention in Asia especially between the main three countries of the continent, Pakistan India and China. In essence, China’s reduction in supply of fresh water supply has resulted in the adoption of the dam building strategy to replenish its meager water supply. Precisely, China’s southern region has experienced drying up of rivers and lakes hence decline in water supply for domestic and industrial use. In addition, China has become a super power recently and it is thought that gaining control over most Tibetan rivers would be a political achievement since it would use the water issue to keep other Asian countries, which are affected by the water issue under its control. In fact, critics on China’s dam projects accuse China of playing politics on the issue since most rivers flow from China to its neighboring water-thirsty countries (Prachi et al. 2011).

China is relying on the Tibetan rivers for its water supply and constructing dams along these rivers to harness water supply. In recent times, China’s latest dam projects have resulted in the diversion of rivers to underground tunnels to facilitate hydro-power generation. This has left the countries downstream without adequate water-supply that is vital for them. This has had an environmental impact since the ecology of these areas have been rendered unsustainable without adequate water supply. For instance, China’s dam project on river Brahmaputra resulted in floods downstream in India hence massive displacement of persons. China’s political relations with India has been strained since Indians have become suspicious of its dam projects that have seen a major decline in water supplies from rivers flowing into their territorial land. In addition, China’s support for Pakistan is another issue for India to worry about since the two have been in crisis due to the Kashmir issue.

The relationship between Pakistan and India is based on Asia’s Boao Forum on China’s Hainan Island during which China and Pakistan agreed to cooperate in all circumstances and swore to uphold their territorial and sovereignty integrity at any cost. This is a concern for India since the conflict between them and Pakistan regarding the Kashmir region is a water war and China would not doubt back Pakistan on the issue. This a concern for the rest of the world since countries allied with India would be against those allied to china if the Pakistan- India water conflict resulted in the two countries going to war. Kashmir is important to Pakistan mainly because it is its main source of water supply.

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