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Life has a lot to offer, but some decisions have already been decided for us. People live their lives in compromise to have a normal and balanced life. The fact that not always we can get things we desire to have disappoints me. It happens that people have to do things that they do not enjoy doing. For example, I am a college student and my favourite subject is accounting. I have to take some certain classes that I do not like such as English or History; I guess that many students face this issue. While discussing with my friend about education issues I found out that she was really upset that she had to take Math and Science classes when she was pursuing a degree in theatre.

First of all, everybody has a different point of view as to how certain issues should be conducted. This is probably the main reason why people are required to do things that they do not enjoy doing in order to pursue what they want. Furthermore, despite the fact that people have a different perspective on certain aspects in their lives, there are certain standards that people have to follow in order to avoid conflict and disagreement between them. For example, in order to maintain a healthy marriage, each member of the family has to compromise in certain situations to avoid conflict or even divorce. Once, my father missed an important conference in Paris because my mother needed him. My mother fell sick a few hours before my father’s scheduled flight and there was no one else to look after her and cater for her medical needs. Therefore, my father canceled his trip not to leave my mother in trouble, because her life was more essential for him. Of course, this flight was important for professional life of my father and he had to attend the conference. However, he had to weigh importance between the flight to the conference and the condition of my mother, his wife. He had to choose between his career and the person he loved; the consequences would result from his decision.

Some people suppose that it is not worth taking up activities that they do not like to do. They might have good reasons for their choice. They hold on opinion that when they force themselves to do something they do not enjoy, they inconvenience themselves leading to serious losses. For example, I have a friend, John. He had accidentally impregnated a girl and could not bring up a child in good conditions because they both were still very young. Despite the fact that he did not accept the idea of abortion, he had to agree with the girl that she would abort the pregnancy. It was their decision; they considered abortion as a choice to improve the situation. The girl obtained a secret abortion with his help. The girl has nearly lost her life, were it not for the fact that they sought help from a medical institution. After that incident, John stated that people should not do things they do not enjoy doing at any moment.

However, let us look at the other side of the issue. Despite the fact that it has caused many troubles to John, it does not mean that people should not do things they do not enjoy doing. This is because life does not offer human beings perfection in everything. People must compromise in order to get certain things. For instance, most people do not enjoy engaging in schoolwork because it is demanding and tiring sometimes. However, knowledge that people get in school help them to become successful in their lives and get high-paying jobs that make them afford most things in life. Another example is that when a person wants to lose excessive weight and avoid conditions like obesity, he or she has to work out and avoid eating certain types of food. This is not what people enjoy doing, but they have to sacrifice their desires and comfort so that their can maintain healthy bodies. In addition, no one enjoys taking medicine or going to the hospital for medical check-ups and treatment. However, they must take medicine or seek help from hospitals so that they can get treatment and live a healthy life.

Therefore, despite the fact that when people do things they do not like cost them dearly; it is important that people do these things. This is because many things in life are achieved through compromise. Sometimes, one has to sacrifice one thing in order to get another one. These decisions are always hard to make because people have to make sacrifices and difficult choices in order to get other things that are essential in their life. Sometimes people are forced to do things they do not enjoy doing because they lack other options.

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