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The geographical position of the country has a lot of influence on its economic development as well as on the political and social situation. Such aspects as climate, the availability of natural resources and fresh water, fertile land all contribute to the general situation of the country. Looking at Costa Rica, one can see that the economy of the country is considerably shaped by the geographical position. This in turn has its impact on the political and social aspects of the country life.

To begin with, the economic position of Costa Rica can be explained by drawing connections to its natural conditions. For example, the share of agricultural GDP is extremely low and the industry GDP share is not very much bigger (C.I.A. World FactBook). This can be explained by the fact that there is hardly any land suitable for farming. Due to the fact that a lot of country’s territory is occupied by mountain ranges it is logical that agriculture is at a huge disadvantage. Moreover, there are no considerable natural resources available for excavation, so the development of industry is also limited. On the other hand, the most of Costa Rica’s GDP comes from the services sector and GDP in general is higher than that of the neighboring countries (C.I.A. World FactBook). Through tourism and biodiversity Costa Rica has managed to attract a lot of people to the country and has made profit out of it. The national park system and other natural attractions allow GDP to grow. As for the political and social situation, they are largely related to economics. Costa Rica has its first female president form 2010 and the general political atmosphere in the country is not tense. There is a fair degree of social stability as well.

Overall, it is clear that Costa Rica has been able to utilize its geographical position and use its advantages to the fullest. It is an encouraging example of a small and developing country which has been pursuing the steady development course taking into account its strengths and weaknesses.

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