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The history of Italy is extremely rich with cultural productivity that existed across Europe. According to history, Italy had the best culture growth arising to become one of the most developed nations in Europe. All these cultural developments were taking place during the fifteenth and sixteenth century. On the other hand, Italy was experiencing political instability. In particular, Italy was experiencing a lot of political instability when the Roman Empire was defeated. Italy was facing foreign attacks making it impossible for them develop both culturally and economically. At this time, the Italian wars were destroying culture and economy of the different states in Italy. For this reason, one tends to wonder whether creative work leading to increased culture productivity was because of calm and peace or not.

According to many historians, peace and calm led to the increasing culture productivity in Italy. In this case, they argue that the period before fifteenth and sixteenth century when culture productivity was taking place had a lot of political instability. During this time, the Roman Empire was defeated creating political instability. Many leaders were trying to rise in power for the purposes of controlling all the economic activities in Italy resulting to the destruction of cultural productivity in Italy. This means that no culture productivity was taking place. The little culture productivity that was taking place was ruined by the Italian wars. Therefore, no culture productivity could take place since there was no peace and calm in the Italian city-states.

In addition, they continue to argue that peace and calm was the core cause contributing to the growth of cultural productivity in Italy. The period between fifteenth and sixteenth century was the rebirth of Italy. According to historians, this period is called renaissance Italy. During this period, there was peace and stability in many Italian city-states. Additionally, there was the birth of humanism. Many people were concentrating on their personal achievements. This led to the birth of people like Leonardo Da Vinci the famous Mona Lisa painter, Raphael and Michaelangelo. In addition, there was rapid building of modern architectural buildings. This growth of modern buildings started in the northern Italy spreading to the other parts of Italy and later Europe. Therefore, this shows that peace and calm was the main contributing factor of increasing cultural productivity in Italy.

The historians continue to argue that peace and calm was a key element in growth of cultural productivity in Italy. This is because, in the sixteenth century, foreign leaders from other European nations wanted to control the rich trade in Italy. As a result, a war erupted causing the end of the renaissance. In this case, it affected cultural productivity destroying the economy. This shows that the political instability was destroying cultural productivity. Therefore, it is clear that peace and calm were the key elements leading to the growth of cultural productivity in Italy.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that a number of historians do not agree with this motion. They argue that peace or without peace, cultural productivity was still taking place in Italy. According to their argument, the early specialist led to the growth of cultural productivity in Italy. However, they fail to understand that in spite of the efforts made by the early specialists nothing could be done to improve cultural productivity in Italy. This is because there was political instability causing lack of peace. In addition, it was during the sixteenth century when foreigners started attacking Italy that led to the decline of cultural productivity in Italy. Therefore, it is valid to state that creative work precedes best in periods of calm and peace.

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