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The unique picture has been captured by the lens of the famous photographer and film maker from the United States of America, Cindy Sherman. The photograph is taken in color and the name of the photograph is Cindybon.  

The picture has been clicked from an approximate angle of 120 degrees. The tremendous use of light and dark shades give an eerie feeling like there is some form of impeding doom round the corner, waiting to pounce upon this poor lady. She seems to be from the Eastern Europe, taking into consideration her light skin tone and translucent eyes. The photograph has clearly been taken from the point of view of the person who has come in front of the woman so as to give rise to the exasperated and astonished look. It is almost as if she is cornered and has no way to escape. It is possible to assume that the lady is one of the millions of Jews during the time of Hitler who was taking refuge in the time of the cruel Nazis. The woman on the picture looks like she is trying to hide under a dark and dreary table only to save herself, and her Nemesis has come to make her meet her inevitable fate.

Is should also be noted that her hands are nicely manicured in a true French style. Her skirt adds a dash of color to the picture and signifies that during her sunny days this young girl was one of other girls of her age who indulged in fashion. The girl’s predicament has been created by the use of shadow in this photo. The light is being thrown in from the right side of the frame casting a long shadow of her shapely nose and erect head. Her brown hair is drenched in perspiration, probably because she has made the mammoth effort trying to run away from her predators. However, the most striking quality of this picture is the fact that this woman is resolute and strong. Her nature is unfailing because even though she seems to be terribly frightened in this given situation, her eyes reflect confidence and ability to combat this foe.  In fact, even if she perishes in the struggle that would soon ensue, she will resurrect herself from the ashes like the Phoenix and set herself as an example.

There are some aesthetic qualities in the picture, especially if one notices the way the palms are placed in almost perfect symmetry and give the picture a chic look. The use of aperture and shutter speed is quite horizontal and the photographer’s intention is crystal clear; she has given the lady a posture akin to that of the early man when he was out to hunt and suddenly became the hunted. The density of the picture is from medium high to high and the contrast is focused more on the centre and not overall.

All in all, this work is a masterpiece that attracts attention of the audiences and admirers with its realness and expressiveness. It is a picture that speaks million words and the words are extremely vocal. The photograph is really a great work of its time; it may be even considered as a piece of documentary and as an art form at the same time.   

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