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Business is a very broad term, but I have my own definition of it. It is an area of our life, involving economical interaction and relations between the people. Business is the area I hope to become deeply involved in for the rest of my life. So this is one of the key reasons I chose to major in Business while in college.

From the early years I was trying to find my space in the universe. When I was about 10 years old, I decided to earn my money on my own, and started my own small business. From the contemporary view this could not be called a business at all, but at that time making lemonade from the frozen concentrates allowed me to save enough money just in 4 months to buy me a new wheel for my bicycle. I was both really excited due to the success and really satisfied with myself. It was the obvious hint from the destiny I could not miss — I had to pick Business to major during the study and move in the same direction for the rest of my life. Childish interest turned into a serious matter when I turned fifteen; I asked my parents to lend me some money and invested in a savings bond. I will get some tremendous returns by the time I turn forty. Besides practical business affairs, I commenced learning the business theory, taking extra classes at school, concentrating on business and economics. At the same time huge efforts of mine were put on studying at the pre-university courses, helping advanced and willing to learn students like me to improve their knowledge in the area. When I turned sixteen, I joined a local business school youth department, offering free courses in business for those who wanted to later continue working in business. By this time I was definitely sure I will not change the major for my future education, and I never regretted a single moment I spent studying and getting myself business-educated.

After I finished school, I decided to take a skip year before going to college and go the different way than standard considered. I took a decision to try myself out on different works, looking forward to finding a perfect spot I could fit myself in after graduation from the university. First I tried myself in different minor companies, offering financial advisory services, as I thought it might turn out to be my piece of cake. After I quit the second job, I knew the solution of my challenge was near. I knew being a salesman was definitely not enough for me, and my destiny was to become an executive officer at some company or at least to run my own small business. After few weeks of work as a sales manager at the local mall, I could see the way this occupation differed from the one of the chain manager etc. The feeling that administrating people was my cup of tea pushed me to finding my fourth and final job. I started working as an assistant manager at a subdivision of a big international company in my city, and that became a real kick-off for the rest of the events of my life. Since that time I had absolutely no doubt about working towards earning a business degree.

All the abovementioned events and the experience I mentioned are incredibly important for my future career. In addition I believe I will be accepted and earn a degree at the UC, which will strengthen my positions in the job market in the future. I truly hope my knowledge, highly-desired degree and my personal dedication would lead to successful future in the business world.

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