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Disney culture is popular among many American families. While growing up as a child, my parents always encouraged me to watch Disney movies. According to Booker, (2010), most parents believe that Disney movies are tailored for family entertainment and are devoid of inappropriate content. Although, like most children, I preferred sophisticated movies and late night television programs. My parent insisted that I should watch Disney movies because they considered them moral and family friendly. I soon developed profound interest in Disney products. My all time favorite was the sleeping beauty. This movie featured numerous characters playing distinct roles in the world of male and female. The movie had a diverse impact in my life. I got to understand how men and women live in society.

Watching “sleeping beauty” one of the popular princess of Disney influenced my perception of how women and men live in the society. I realized that women need to be attractive to be feminine. I learned that women should always strive to be beautiful because beauty is a positive attribute in the society. The aspect of beauty in the movie gave mean a different meaning of beauty. I grew up knowing that beauty is all about a perfect body shape. This is not correct; I found out later that beauty comes from inside and not outside. As a little girl, I also learned that girls are supposed to be weak and complacent to succeed in life. My understanding was pegged on how Aurora behaved throughout the movie. She was regarded as a perfect woman because she never took a proactive stance. Furthermore, most female characters who exhibit power in Disney movies are regarded to us villains and failures. I further learned that men are supposed to be physical and take up active roles in society. I have always grown up knowing that men must be aggressive in life in order to succeed in their endeavors.

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