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The picture was taken at Iwo Jima during World War 2 when Americans fought with the Japanese. It was the American marines that captured the island because it would serve Americans in many ways like acting as landing points for American warplanes. From the picture, it can be seen that American marine soldiers are raising their national flag as a sign of power over the island. This illustrates its immense power in suppressing the opponents. The picture also portrays very loyal citizens who have dedicated themselves in serving the nation of America; they look so industrious and very determined to see success. This is what America is strategizing on, winning the war. The few numbers of soldiers could indicate that some may have been killed or were organized enough such that as others continued fighting, others ensured that there were signs of conquering.

It was in February 1945 when the battle of Iwo Jima took place. The conquering of Iwo Jima was among the plans that Americans had put in place to ensure that they win the war in the Far East.  The Japanese were being turned backing the west in island hopping and Burma. Americans endeavored in destroying Japan completely such that Japan could be locked away from supplies from other Asian countries that Japan had control over. Therefore America ensured that it blocked food supplies to Japan by destroying Japan’s merchant fleets that carried the stuff. The American air force also achieved this by bombing the industrial airbase.

From what we see in the picture, it is evident that the raising of the flag takes place in a place that has been terribly ruined and destroyed. This means that it was not easy for the Americans to conquer the island. It means there was great fighting that could have possibly led to the loss of lives. Iwo Jima is a tiny island on the Pacific that measures 4.5 miles long by 2.5 miles long and lies south of Honshu island of Japan. The Americans considered the island to have prime importance. With the presence of two airfields, Americans could use the fields as emergency landing bases for airplanes that had been damaged in the bombing raids. Americans could also use the airfields to escort bombers using fighter planes because they required runways that were smaller to take off.  Japan had to therefore protect this island by all means against any invaders.

From the picture, we can be able to deduce a few things from the war. First, it led to the end of dictatorship ruling in both Europe and Asia. If Japan and Hitler had emerged victorious, south and North America could have been surrounded by anti-democratic enemies. The United States of America would have been surrounded by brutal and hostile forces whose main focus could be to completely dominate the world. More so, the war welcomed the atomic age.  When atomic bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it not only indicated a rise in war weaponry but also welcomed an era that became so beneficial to man because the knowledge on nuclear and atomic science has been used in energy production. When the war ended, it led to the beginning of the cold war and conflict between Americans and Russians and the allies that each had. It also enabled other nations to effectively help others.

The United States of America saw the need to establish a world organization that was effective in helping prevention from future wars and solving of disputes between nations. It saw the establishment of United Nations to help solve problems that were not accomplished by the League of Nations.  Thus from the war, America became a super power. Before the war, was not as power or as rich as it became because of the war. In a way, the war was a turning point for America. It was a powerful and large country but was able to pass others in World War 2. World War 2 also made America to grow economically because it was the major supplier of goods, drugs and weaponry to the fighting countries. America won greatly in the pacific and this could not be attributed to any one specific person

The second picture shows a picture of a woman who is heavily laden and seems so determined to reach her destination. She is heavily loaded with things that range from screw drivers, hammers to painting brushes and home cooking utensils. This indicates that when men went to the war in Europe and Asia, women were left with the duties that used to be performed by men. They engaged not only in home chores like cleaning  and taking care of babies but also had to work in industries and farms in order to ensure that life went on despite their men not being around. The picture of the lady shown describes how women were dedicated to make ends meet and were so focused in achieving their goals. She looks so shabbily dressed, indicating that during this period, there was no time for beauty and pampering as everyone worked so busily. The materials she carries indicate that she is a jack of all trades who is able to do anything.

As a result of this, women became inspiration and strength of the nation while their sons and husbands went to war. The war meant destruction for all the countries that engaged in the war.  This meant that women became men in their countries by taking up their roles by providing support in very many ways. During the war, women were called upon to, by necessity, do work and perform roles that lay outside their common gender expectations. During the war women did jobs that were traditionally considered as mans. Some women decided that they wanted to work in factories.  They worked in different production departments that ranged from making aero planes, uniforms and making ammunition. The hours worked were so long that some of them had to move to where factories were. Others worked as volunteers.

Thus from the picture, it can be seen as the turning point of male dominated world that women could do what men did. Apart from their daily traditional chores of home making and child rearing, women really helped to keep America where it is right now. By allowing their sons to go to war, they also showed that they were very loyal citizens. These changes in the society that were brought about by war allowed women to assume many of the traditional roles that were deemed male. The war took away so many men but the protection that was offered by a labor force that was segregated elevated the financial significance of women to their families. The venturing of women into a world that was dominated by male further showed their ability to take male responsibilities. However though, this did not change the way the society perceives women but it greatly helped because it paved way for women in later years in increasing their role in society and family.  Despite the discrimination of women by the society, they played a major role in the war effort more so in the defense ministries. Wars going by men led to shortage of labor and made government encourage women working. Plant managers always agreed that women were just as productive as men. Suddenly, housewives no longer faced discrimination as they were faced with the duty of maintaining or enabling the nation to survive.


Despite all these, the acceptance of women into workplace by society did not change they way they were perceived. Instead, it was viewed as an extraordinary action taken under extraordinary times. As a result of the job, women familial status rose, led to lowering of gender barriers and equalization of income. Through the work they were able to gain economic independence, obtained confidence and self perception apart from assuming familial authority.

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