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Living in the world of common things might be bipolar. It is quite standard to get the applications for the college admission from the teenagers or young adults in their early twenties, who do not have any life experience except for their high school. I present the reverse side of the medal, and I have all the reasons to state that I deserve to be considered unique and unlike anybody else.

Imagine a young person who spent 4 years, studying day and night to pass the key exam and get a Bachelor’s degree to be able to work and study further. Such people are rather vulnerable to any kind of sudden alterations that take place in their lives, especially to the crucial ones. The world crisis of 1998 made my family pack up and leave for the better and more promising land of hope and new successful future – the United States. I had no other choice as to leave my university behind, along with all the efforts I put into obtaining the degree. Luckily, this did not stop me.

Since medicine was my desired area of interest from the early childhood, and dentistry in particular, I found a way to keep to this track during my stay in the USA. Since finding a job was essential, I started working as a dentist’s assistant in one of New York’s private clinics. Years of study, combined with the irreplaceable practical experience, obtained during the work as a dental hygienist, resulted into the experience I had after a few years of hard work. So far as I am a very diverse person, I could not miss a chance to work as an office manager at my sister’s dental clinic. It was different from actually treating or assisting the doctor in treating people, but I learned to communicate with all sorts of people, especially the ones in deep pain, who needed extra care and attention. I strongly believe communication with patients is one of the primary tasks of the doctor, as it is the only way to establish a strong connection between them, leading to complete trust of the patient and confidence in the outcome of the treatment. Besides that, running a dental clinic developed my organizational and leadership skills, as I was in charge of many different processes, being fully involved in the dental business.

Years of study and work in the dental industry allowed me to become a real expert in the area, leaving one final task to complete. Since I did not finish my education in Russia, I need to graduate here, in the US. I have all the reasons to believe I will become a good dentist. Unlike most applicants who only have either theoretical knowledge or practical skills, I have both. Besides, I have accumulated the unique experience in communication with people, finding the way out of the most complex situations and solving the challenges that would be worth attention in any case. I was actively involved in my community, engaging the clinic I was running in different community projects. We helped mostly to the local schools and some other institutions by making free seminars on the dental hygiene, as well as the importance of leading the healthy way of life, paying special attention to the health of the teeth. 

It is never too late to get a degree and become a professional in the desired field. I believe this statement works in my case, since I am fully prepared to be become a doctor myself, treat the people and be totally responsible for all of my actions, living a life of the good citizen and helping my community all along. I believe that Rutgers University of New Jersey would be a final step before my career of a dentist commences.

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