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JFK is a film that was produced in America in 1992. The film was produced under the directorship of Oliver Stone. JFK focuses on the various events that resulted in the assassination of the American President John F. Kennedy, as well as the alleged cover up events that were done in the eyes of the former attorney of New Orleans district Jim Garrison. This paper tries to present the events that surrounded the killing of President J. F. Kennedy and how top government official at the federal level frustrated the efforts of various individuals who attempted to uncover the assassination of the president.

The film is based on a true story of the assassination of the American President J.F Kennedy after serving the office for just two years. The sudden death of J.F Kennedy resulted into inquiries of what might have caused his death. The film shows the investigations that were done after the assassination of the president. The plot of the film starts with the narration on the history of J.F Kennedy from when he did take over power from the immediate president Dwight Eisenhower. We see the immediate president giving a warning over the building of a military complex. The next part of the plot is the activities carried out by Kennedy during his early years as the president. These are the events that would lead to the death of Kennedy later in the film. The main events that are casted in this film are the Vietnam War as well as the Laotian Civil War, The Cuba Missile crisis and finally the invasion of Bay pigs (Toplin 58).  These events lead to the murder of the president in 1963. After the killing of the president, Garrison, an attorney, opens investigations but he is forced to stop his investigations after the federal government rebukes how the investigations were being conducted. The main suspect in the case dies before he is taken to trial. The investigations are later reopened in 1966 after Senator Long held talks with Garrison. It is after their meeting that he reads the report by Warren; he notices many conflicts and inaccuracies.

During his investigations, he interrogates a number of witnesses and it is in the process that he meets Ferries during his formal questionings. The plot continues with the various investigations that Garrison is making and the unfolding links to the death of the president. We see various people being investigated for conspiracy of killing the president. Investigations reveal that top government officials are involved in the assassination of the president. Garrison meets the president top security agent who tells him that there was weakening of president security during this fatal day (Hamburg 15). The security agent brings the information that there is likelihood of CIA and top military official being involved in the killing of the president. Garrison notes that the CIA and some military officials were opposed to the foreign policy advocated by Kennedy, which would affect the profitability of the military complex (Hamburg 12).

Garrison faces opposition during his investigations whereby he loses the trust of the public. The opposition seems to be triggered by some powerful forces that are opposed to his investigations that may end up revealing the killer. His wife leaves him after complaining that her husband is spending too much time in the case and he does not give the needed attention to his family. According to Crowdus, in the long run, Garrison manages to bring a suspect named Clay Shaw to trial (Crowdus 45). However, the evidence provided does not fully meet the threshold to convict Clay of the crime of assassinating the president. The judges involved in the case set Clay free due to lack of evidence. In the long run, Garrison reconciles back with his wife. The film comes to the end after the death of Clay after suffering from lung cancer. The final scene actually reveals that Clay probably was the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

The film’s main character is Jim Garrison who plays the major role of investigating the death of the President Kennedy. Clay Shaw is another character who is brought to trail but is set free after the prosecution fails to support their accusations against him. Oswald is another character who is suspected of conspiracy of killing the president. Marine Oswald is another character who studies the report by Warren Commission, which carried inquiries to the death of the president. Finally, the security agent is another character who reveals the involvements of high government official in the assassination of the president.

The film is based on the historical context of the assassination of the American President J.F Kennedy in 1963. The main historical part of the film is to reveal the controversies that followed during the investigations of those who were suspected to have taken part in killing the president (Carnes 45). The film reveals the history of various allegations that are directed to the top government official for taking part in the assassination of the president because of their strong opposition to his foreign policies. The main historical landscape that is important in this film is the role that was played by Garrison, an attorney of New Orland. The film reveals to the audience the opposition that this attorney encountered during his investigations. The film also shows that the foreign policy of J.F. Kennedy were the ones that resulted to his assignation by those who were opposed to them.

The film is very accurate in most of its scene as it goes by the historical events that followed the assassination of the president. The film carries the actual date when J.F. was assassinated as well as the attorney who was mandated with the role of investigating the president’s assassination. The film also uses the accurate historical report of the Warren Commission, which carried out inquiries to the death of the president (Carnes 34). The conflicts as well as the controversies in the report are accurate as the same was observed during the actual investigation of the president’s assassination.

The film is closely tied with the reality. The event that takes place in the film represents events that take place in our daily lives. The investigation by Garrison is one of the events in the film that follows the reality. He makes inquiries and brings the suspects to trail after carrying out his investigations. The film makes up in following reality by showing the audience the real picture of how the president was assassinated. There are no controversies over the facts detailed in this film. Most of the information contained in the film follows the accurate historical events following the assassination of President J.F. Kennedy in 1963.

In conclusion, the film is one of the best films that carry the rich history of the American people. It also reveals the various controversies surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. I can highly recommend it to any individual who is interested in knowing the events surrounding the killing of President J. F. Kennedy and how top government officials at the federal level frustrated the efforts of Garrison to bring to light those behind the assassination of the president to watch this film.

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