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Judaism has been in existence for more than three thousand years. It is considered an expression of the covenant that was created between the people of Israel and God. Judaism faces several movements which are converts of the originality. Judaism lacks an official creed, thus, different individuals of the Jewish community can have different beliefs. Judaism has a diverse heritage of beliefs due to the fact that deeds and not actions are considered vital to the Jewish religion. The Torah contains the Jewish history and therein gives information about God, the meaning of life and humanity. The beliefs contained in the Torah are of great significance to the Jews, Christians and the Muslims alike. The rabbi Maimonides has written a set of thirteen articles of faith put together in the twelfth century to guide the Jewish faith. Persons who do not observe the thirteen principles are not considered Jews (Bank 124).

The Jews believe in only one God. According to the Jews, God has a power that is beyond human comprehension, though his presence is with the people in everyday living. Some individuals really connect themselves with God, while others worship the divine majesty of nature. However, some other Jews do not recognize God on a daily basis. Different people have an exclusive and individual connection with God (Robinson 67).

The Jews also believe that in the mountain Sinai God revealed the instructions in Torah in the presence of six hundred thousand people. His revelation indicated that the Jews were Hashem’s chosen people as they had shown their loyalty to the Torah for 3300 years. The Sinai belief is crucial to the Jews as it is seen as evidence of Judaism. The Torah is considered incomplete as the oral part where Hashem spoke to Moses is omitted. The oral part is considered Hashem’s explanation of the Torah (Bank 124).

Judaism also believes that humankind was created in the divine image of God, which means that all individuals are equally significant and have the potential to make a great contribution to the world. Individuals have the freedom to make choices, the consequences, for which they are responsible (Robinson 67). Judaism believes in the messiah, a heroic figure who is to come and rescue the righteous and deliver judgment to the wicked. He is said to come and rescue the world and bring peace to the world. This belief is not common to all Jews, but traditional Jews believe that the messiah is a descendant of the kingdom of David (Bank 124).

Judaism believes in afterlife; this belief states that all actions by individuals will attract a reward or a punishment when the world vanishes. The world is considered a corridor that leads to another world that can only be experienced after life. Every child is taught that if one has more good deeds as compared to sins, he will go to Gan Eden after death. On the other hand, Gehinom is the destination of those with more sins; this is considered a place where people will prepare themselves and cleanse their souls from the sins (Robinson 67).

The Jews do not believe in the theory of evolution but believe that the world is a creation of God. The Jews believe that the world was created more than 5770 years ago. It is considered a contradiction of the Torah (Bank 124). Judaism believes in one God, in the coming of the messiah, and in life after death. They also believe in the Torah that was given to them at the mountain of Sinai.

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