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Although application of inquiry based and activity based teaching system may seem more appropriate to the teaching staff but its implementation has some limitations if the school has a limited budget or it does not make use of its supplies properly. As compared to the traditional style of teaching that does not require much more than a teacher and a textbook, white board and chalk, the discovery learning may need a number of supplies to a arrange for class activities and practical demonstrations. That’s why many schools may stick to traditional teaching due to this limitation.

No Child Left Behind Program

The National Assessment of Educational Progress has a set pattern for written test all over states. The teachers cover test syllabus in a traditional manner to enable students to comply with the set pattern. This leads to decrease in inquiry learning as method of teaching and increase in the traditional (chalk and talk) methods.


Hence it is obvious from the above literature review that indeed Inquiry based hands on science instruction provide much greater understanding and experience to the child as compared to the traditional learning system. Although faced with some limitations as discussed the Inquiry based method is still making its way in the class rooms at lower grade level and both teachers and administration are employing it as a useful teaching system to some level.

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